10 Questions to Answer Before Applying for Funding

CTE teachers are consistently seeking to expand their instructional strategies and engage students in their learning. Innovative, hands-on learning is important, but it can often be expensive.


Within the educational realm today, there are thousands of opportunities for school districts to receive funding for educational initiatives. Each year, scholarships, fellowships, donations and grants are made available for teachers who want to expand their teaching strategies. Educational funding can be used for professional development, school supplies, projects, field trips and more. Each year, thousands of funding opportunities are never awarded. 

One of the primary reasons teachers don’t receive funds is due to the application process. Preparing a funding proposal can be stressful and complicated regardless of one’s experience. To achieve success when applying for funding, it is important to gather all the information needed before starting the application. In this article, we highlight 10 questions to ask yourself before beginning to apply for funding.  

Questions to Ask Before Applying for Funding: 

1. What types of grants are available to me?
2. When is the application due?
3. When can I expect the funding in hand?
4. What is an initiative in my program that would be a realistic ask?
5. What are the requirements of the application?
6. What are my expectations for this project?
7. How will I measure my success?
8. Do my goals address the mission of the funder?
9. What kind of support/approval do I need from my administration before applying for grants?
10. Who can I include in my grant writing team to make this proposal successful?

The answers to these questions will guide the process of finding, applying and using funds from various sources. Outlining processes, goals and measurements will build a roadmap to follow from the application to using the money. Additionally, many of these questions will often be on the application. In this article, the author outlines six of the most common questions in a grant application to know what to expect on the application.

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