Month: August 2019

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Special Populations & iCEV: English Language Learners

To continue the Special Populations & iCEV blog series, this week’s post will discuss the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs) and provide an overview of the ways iCEV materials can address those needs. To review the previous posts in this series, click here.   ELLs are defined as students “who come from non-English speaking…
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Special Populations & iCEV: Economically Disadvantaged

In the third installment of the Special Populations & iCEV series, we will discuss how CTE courses can be adapted for economically disadvantaged students. If you missed the past two week’s blogs and want to catch up, follow these links. Special Populations & iCEV: Definitions  Special Populations & iCEV: Not Traditional Fields  The term economically…
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