3 Ways to Explore Careers in CTE Classrooms

Career exploration allows students to grow, expand and pursue changing interests. From an early age, today’s students are encouraged to begin exploring careers and often asked to pick a pathway before entering high school. How do you incorporate career exploration in your CTE classrooms?

Students attend classes with innate curiosity. We can better help students learn by tapping into their curiosity. Career exploration provides a powerful learning experience, especially in middle school because it allows students to set a clear focus and goals for high school and life after their secondary studies. In this blog, we discuss tips for successful career exploration as well ideas for how to better connect your students with diverse careers. 

Virtual Field Trips

As fun as field trips are, they are also a lot of work and costly. Collecting permission slips, collecting money from students, organizing student groups and scheduling transportation are all taxing tasks to be completed before you can even leave your building. After the pre-work of organizing a field trip, the work of getting students to the event, supervising them, feeding them and ensuring they all return to the school safely must also be completed. Virtual field trips are guided digital explorations of the world, and they can often be completed for free. Using videos, images, audio, sound and animations, students can travel the world right from your classroom. Best of all, you can organize a trip, attend and summarize your learning right from the comfort of your classroom with your students.

Guest Speakers

Invite guest speakers into your classroom to share their careers with your students. Guest speakers allow students to learn about future careers and expand their learning. Students are able to ask the expert and gain hands-on knowledge about careers that interest them. Spark student career interests or expand their current knowledge and career plans by inviting speakers into your learning environment. Provide time for the guest speaker to share who they are, what they do for their career and how they were able to get started in their current career. Allow students to ask questions to expand their knowledge also.

Connecting to Careers

Expand students’ opportunities to explore future careers with iCEV. Connecting to Careers are short video lessons that span across various careers. Each Connecting to Careers lesson allows you to share conversations with industry experts with your students and engage them with a variety of activities to deepen their understanding. Within the iCEV platform, you can build a custom playlist to explore careers with students. Use Connecting to Careers as an addition to your lesson or independent learning activity with your students.


For the month of February, iCEV is highlighting the importance of career exploration in CTE and various careers within each career cluster. To learn more about career explorations and the value it adds to students’ academic experiences, download iCEV’s Career Cluster Poster Series and view iCEV’s Career Exploration Curriculum. Stay tuned for more blogs and join us in celebrating CTE Month by sharing this blog with others to share the value of CTE.