4 Technical Skills to Give Your Students an Edge

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4 Technical Skills to Give Your Students an Edge

The workforce is becoming more and more competitive every day. New innovations in the workplace have caused technical skills to become a key focus in preparing students for future careers.

Technical skills can be role and industry-focused, however, there are many that set candidates apart when searching for a job. Team iCEV has compiled this list of iCEV lessons to help teach the most important technical skills students will need in pursuit of a career.


1. Data Security

Protecting proprietary information is becoming more challenging for businesses as the Internet becomes a larger part of our lives. Students with skills in data security will be in higher demand than ever before.

Safety & Security Lesson

Safety & Security Use the Safety & Security lesson to allow students to explore different aspects of e-commerce and e-tailing security. Encourage hands-on learning with the Security Plan Project.

Lesson Plan Security Plan Project

2. Data Analysis

Big data is taking the world by storm and companies are looking for ways to gather, store and analyze the massive amounts of data being dished out on a daily basis. Students with this skill will definitely have an added advantage in their job search.

Mathematics in the Workplace: Data Analysis Chapter

Mathematics in the WrokplaceIn the Mathematics in the Workplace, Data Analysis chapter, students are introduced to data analysis through the types of graphs used to analyze data and procedures for creating the graphs.

Lesson Plan Mathematics in the Workplace Project

3. Development

As Internet usage grows and changes, so will the need for skilled web developers. Students will need to know how to build and maintain websites for both computers and mobile devices, as well as devices that have yet to be developed.

Building & Maintaining a Website

Building & Maintaining a WebsiteStudents will explore how to build and maintain a website and get an in-depth look at the web design process. Students can begin to understand the process of building and maintaining a website with the Website Features & Cost Analysis project.

Lesson Plan Website Features & Cost Analysis Project

4. Database Management

Organizations are looking for ways to effectively store, access and analyze large amounts of data. Students with the ability to manage customer data and other business information will be extremely sought after.

Microsoft® Access 2013 Basics

Microsoft® Access 2013 BasicsStudents will get an in-depth look at Microsoft® Access 2013 while gaining a thorough knowledge of the program and learning the basic applications of the software. Combine technical knowledge with real-world scenarios with the Database Design project

Lesson Plan Database Design Project

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