5 Teaching Tips to Get You Through The End of School Year

Whether this is your first year teaching or your last, maintaining engagement during the last months of the school year is a challenge. Students grow anxious in anticipation of summer break and focus on school work can fade. To help your students power past the upcoming months, here are five ideas to implement in your classroom as the semester comes to a close.

1. Take Your Students on A Virtual Field Trip

Virtual field trips provide students with the opportunity to expand their horizons without ever leaving the classroom. Students can gain valuable knowledge from a virtual field trip which they might not have access to through traditional classroom study.

2. Host an End of Semester Essay Contest

Whether it takes place school-wide or just in your classroom, an essay contest encourages students to apply their written communication skills. Allow your students to explore various topics within the course, then offer students extra credit for their entry, or get local businesses to donate money, merchandise, or gift cards for prizes.  You can even have a ceremony on the last day of class and give awards such as “Funniest Essay” and “Strangest Topic.”

3. Ditch the Test, Evaluate Your Students By Project

The great thing about CTE is the hands-on aspect of teaching. Assign an end-of-year hands-on project to have your students show what they’ve learned. Find a great end-of-year project and let your students show you what they’ve learned.

4. Introduce a Certification

Introduce an industry certification that accompanies your course to your students. Certifications are a great way to add to your students’ resumes and keep them engaged through the end of the school year.

5. Conduct an Independent Study Session

Allow your students to take their studies into their own hands by conducting an independent study session. This gives you the freedom to change up your method of teaching and give your students a break from a lecture style class.



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Perfect day to use the @iCEVonline lesson for independent study after the test!