6 Things You Never Knew Your iCEV Account Could Do

From course customization to automatic grading and tracking tools, the iCEV platform is loaded with time-saving features to help you manage your classroom. With all of these features, there is bound to be at least one you don’t know about. We’ve compiled six features you may not know exist within iCEV.


1. Jump Straight into Any Lesson in a Course

This time-saving feature is available for every teacher. Just click the little arrow icon directly left of the blue “Last Viewed Lesson” link. This will pull up the lesson page without having to go to the course page first.



2. Customize Courses to Fit Your Needs

iCEV has tons of courses available for teachers to use, but sometimes your teaching goals may not exactly fit our predesigned courses. That’s where the customized courses feature comes in handy. You can add, remove or reorder lessons to fit your style and your students’ needs. Just click the “Customize This Course” button at the top of the course you’d like to edit.



3. Create Courses from Scratch

Are you teaching a course which doesn’t match any of the courses already available on iCEV? That’s fine. Just click the “Add New Course” button at the top of the “My Courses” page, then click “Create a Custom Course.” Pick and choose only the lessons you need to build a course from scratch.



4. Instant Live Chat with an iCEV Coach

Whether you need help accessing your account, adding a student or customizing a course, Team iCEV is here to help you. Just click the green “Live Chat” button at the top of the iCEV website. You’ll have instant access to one of our customer service team members, and they will be more than happy to answer all your questions.



5. Track Progress

Grade Reports

If you’ve ever stayed up all night grading assessments, then you’ll love our automatic grading tool. As soon as a student completes an interactive activity or assessment (right hand column of the lesson page), it’s logged and kept in one of our grade reports.


Course Grade Reports

The course grades report automatically and instantly logs all grades for interactive activities and assessments completed within the iCEV platform.


Lesson Grade Reports

Need to view grades for only one module/lesson? Use the “Student Grades Report” button at the top right of each lesson page.



6. Student Certifications Progress Reports

**Requires Student Licenses**

The Student Certifications progress report is an extension of the iCEV Grades Report mentioned above. The report helps you track student progress as they complete required certification lessons.

Since iCEV’s student certifications are designed to be completed along with a student’s regular coursework, this is a great report to review before parent teacher conferences or meetings. Just click the “Student Certifications” link at the bottom of the “My Courses” page to view.