8 Reasons to be #Thankful4CTE

Here are just a few of the reasons we're thankful for Career & Technical Education. Share these images on social media to promote CTE and download the printable posters to use in your classroom. Enjoy!

1. Thanks to CTE, schools are producing more well-rounded and career-ready students.

CTE curriculum is designed to bring career-ready programs into the classroom. In turn, students learn a variety of skills that can be applied to multiple careers. Wendy Hendershot of Chilton High School says, “We teach kids how to be successful adults. We prepare them for the workforce."


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2. An education in CTE lays the foundation for tomorrow's leaders.

Organizations like DECA, FFA, FCLA and many others directly use CTE curriculum in their programs, giving students the chance to develop leadership skills that will make them the CEO’s of tomorrow.


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3. CTE gives students a hands-on education which equips them for the future.

As Bradley Central High School agriculture instructor LuAnn Carey put it, “CTE is important for students because it allows them to use their hands. They’re not only learning the academic part of it, but they are also learning how to integrate that into a profession.”


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4. CTE courses instill confidence in the skills of students.

Excelling in rigorous CTE courses allows students to see their potential. Being confident in the knowledge they have learned has lasting effects. Jason Kemp of Dresden High School has experienced this first hand, “When they leave they feel good about themselves and that they have learned something like a trade. That experience sticks with them for the rest of their life.”


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5. CTE is helping to keep students in school through graduation.

With the help of relevant courses and an increase in student engagement, the format of CTE curriculum is playing an active role in keeping students in school through graduation. In fact, the average high school graduation rate for students who are in CTE programs is 93%, over 10% higher than students who do not take any CTE classes. When students want to learn, the opportunities are endless.

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6. Thanks to CTE, graduates are more prepared for college and career.

Regardless of a student's choice to attend a university, technical school or go straight into the workforce, CTE prepares students for the world outside of high school. Denise Cito of McMinn County Career Technology Center says, “CTE is the basis of anything you're going to do regardless of the kind of profession. It all comes back to career and technology.”


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7. CTE exposes students to career options before graduation.

From mechanics to veterinary science to culinary arts to business, CTE is increasing students’ knowledge about their career options. It even allows them to even try out a potential career while in high school and determine if it is the right fit for them.


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8. CTE connects what students learn in school to the real-world.

From practical learning to making job connections, CTE is the combining force that links education to the real-world. As Leslie Clark of Carlsbad High School put it, “CTE is not just coming from a book but from life experience. I believe CTE gives students the hands-on critical thinking experience they need for this world.”


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Why are you #Thankful4CTE? Comment below!