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iCEV Teacher of the Month: January 2020

Each month, we recognize a teacher who is helping students achieve success by using innovative and outstanding methods. This month, we are excited to recognize Robert Stahlke as the January iCEV Teacher of the Month. An alumnus of Washington State University, Stahlke entered education as a biology teacher at Shadow Ridge HS. After four years,…
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New Curriculum Resources Address the Need for More Healthcare Professionals

Throughout the last decade, the healthcare industry has grown substantially. In 2018, the healthcare industry employed 16.2 million, one in seven, American workers, employing nearly 11% of the U.S. workforce. Employment opportunities are only expected to grow, and by 2026, the field is expected to grow by 18%, providing work for more than 18 million…
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20 Tips for 2020

As 2019 closes and we move into a new decade, we want to offer 20 tips to help 2020 be your best year yet. While these tips are in no particular order of importance, we hope they will benefit you and your students throughout the coming year.   #1 Get Organized To avoid last-minute stress…
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End of Semester Wrap Up: Fall 2019

Team iCEV has been busy the past few months. We added new lessons and resources, launched a new certification on our testing platform and announced new projects for 2020.   Certification Update It has been a big year for the certifications hosted on the iCEV testing platform. In 2019, more than 16,000 individuals across 36…
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iCEV Teacher of the Month: December

Each month, we recognize a teacher who is helping students achieve success by using innovative and outstanding methods. This month, we are excited to recognize Lynnette Weddle as the December iCEV Teacher of the Month.   For 17 years, Weddle has been teaching language arts at North Park High School, in Walden, CO. Weddle also…
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How Industry Certifications Benefit Employers

For the past few months, several of our blog posts have been highlighting how industry certifications can benefit a variety of groups, including students, professionals and schools. This week’s blog will detail how hiring an industry certification earner or encouraging current employees to earn an industry certification is a smart business move that will pay…
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Why Are You Thankful for CTE?

This Thanksgiving season, iCEV team members were asked to reflect on their experiences in Career & Technical Education and explain why they are thankful for CTE. Read below to see their responses.   “I am thankful for CTE because of the opportunities it brings students. Whether is it connecting with CTE teachers, hands-on learning opportunities…
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Why Schools Should Offer Industry Certifications

In the past weeks, our blog posts have specifically addressed reasons students and professionals should earn industry certifications. While our previous blog posts have shown a variety of reasons industry certifications provide value to a variety of stakeholder groups, this post will highlight reasons schools should provide their students the opportunity to earn an industry…
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A Life of Service

At CEV, we are driven by our core values to Educate, Serve and Inspire, and we want to recognize those who have dedicated their lives to those same values. In honor of Veteran’s Day, we want to tell you the stories of four individuals who have devoted their careers to our country and to its…
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Vocabulary Activities for CTE Classes

  Understanding vocabulary is key to understanding the concept. This is especially true in CTE courses when students are often introduced to brand new terms and are exposed to the new vocabulary in multiple contexts. However, there is a difference between rote memorization and meaningful learning. Rote memorization is learning information based on repetition, while…
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