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Solutions for Alternatively Certified Teachers

As Career Technical Education bridges the gap between the classroom and industries, workforce professionals are trading in their industry careers to become teachers. As a result of this non-traditional path, alternatively-certified teachers need tools to help them meet classroom and school district standards, while still meeting the needs of their industry. iCEV is a valuable…
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Exploring Careers: Architecture & Construction

Pave the way for your students to research the various career opportunities within the Architecture and Construction Cluster with these free classroom posters. We have created three posters which introduce each pathway and lists sample careers for each. Download these posters and display them in your classroom, share them on social media or use them…
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Connecting Students & Community Through CTE

Career & Technical Education (CTE) has a long-standing tradition in providing students with invaluable career development opportunities, but in some cases, as with Randall Hust’s construction technology class, can also provide students with the platform to impact their local communities. The Byron Martin Advanced Technology center, a part of the Lubbock Independent School District in Lubbock,…
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6 Inspirational Quotes for Your CTE Classroom

You spend a ton of time trying to inspire and motivate your students every single day. Whether through lecture or one-on-one time, inspiring your students is a big part of everything you do. It’s a big part of what we do also. We love inspiring students to find work they are passionate about, and teachers…
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iCEV on the Road – May Week 1

Team iCEV continually travels all over the country to connect with teachers and administrators, conduct professional development sessions, attend education conferences, host workshops and give presentations. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.   Bob Brown, Curriculum Sales Consultant, visits Tri-Point High School in Cullom, Illinois and assists Diana Loschen, Agriculture Instructor, and her students with…
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