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Exploring Careers: Hospitality & Tourism

The Hospitality & Tourism Career Cluster introduces students to the activities associated with the management, marketing and operations of food and beverage services, lodging facilities, amusement and theme parks, cultural events and any other tourism services. We have designed posters for each of the pathways within this cluster to help your students explore their career…
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Professional Development from Your Couch

by Morgan Dixon “Why are you complaining about your job? You get summers off.” If you’re a teacher, odds are you’ve heard this phrase. Odds also are you had to restrain yourself from unleashing the full power of your rage on that silly, uninformed person.  Teachers spend the months of August through May (at the…
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Developing Professional Communication Skills in CTE Classrooms

The job market that high school and college graduates are facing is more competitive than ever before. In order to stand out, students need to prepare in advance by acquiring the skills that today’s employers value most. The number one skillset employers say current candidates lack is the ability to communicate effectively, especially on a…
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Connecting Learning with Real-World Interests

“I’m never going to use this!” What teacher hasn’t heard this phrase? It can be frustrating for students when they have trouble making the connection between what they are learning now and their career goals.   Integrated Career Guidance By pairing career interviews with your lessons, you offer your students an inside look at a…
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6 Inspirational Quotes for Your CTE Classroom

You spend a ton of time trying to inspire and motivate your students every single day. Whether through lecture or one-on-one time, inspiring your students is a big part of everything you do. It’s a big part of what we do also. We love inspiring students to find work they are passionate about, and teachers…
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iCEV on the Road – Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky & More

Recently, Team iCEV attended the Tennessee Association of Agricultural Educators Conference, traveled to Texas for the 2015 TCEC Summer Conference, visited with educators at Kentucky ACTE and more. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.        

4 Technical Skills to Give Your Students an Edge

The workforce is becoming more and more competitive every day. New innovations in the workplace have caused technical skills to become a key focus in preparing students for future careers. Technical skills can be role and industry-focused, however, there are many that set candidates apart when searching for a job. Team iCEV has compiled this…
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