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Special Populations & iCEV: Non-Traditional Fields

To continue the Special Populations & iCEV series, this week’s post will focus on teaching students who are interested in non-traditional fields. The first post in the series gave an overview of the definitions for each special populations group as it relates to Career & Technical Education. If you have not read the first blog…
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Special Populations & iCEV: Definitions

In order to provide the best possible learning environment, CTE directors and teachers need to be aware of students whose particular needs or situations may categorize them as a member of a special population. According to ACTE’s latest Perkins V publication, special populations are defined as one or more of the following: Individuals with disabilities;…
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End of Semester Wrap Up: Spring 2019

The 2019 spring semester has been a busy one for Team iCEV. We have introduced new lessons and certifications, added new resources and launched a new campaign. Keep reading to learn more about these new initiatives and other noteworthy events from the past semester. Certification Update So far in 2019, more than 12,000 individuals have…
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Solutions for Alternatively Certified Teachers

As Career Technical Education bridges the gap between the classroom and industries, workforce professionals are trading in their industry careers to become teachers. As a result of this non-traditional path, alternatively-certified teachers need tools to help them meet classroom and school district standards, while still meeting the needs of their industry. iCEV is a valuable…
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Lessons and Projects to Keep Students Engaged Around the Holidays

The days leading up to the winter break can be a time of excitement and craziness in the classroom. Students have just wrapped up finals and are eager for a few weeks away. Instead of turning on a movie or playing board games, what can teachers do to keep their students motivated and learning during…
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12 Activities to Boost Engagement in your CTE Classroom

Learning by doing in career and technical training is essential to fully grasp industry-based concepts. From staging a crime scene to creating a business, iCEV provides engaging and stimulating coursework to build skills among your students. These 12 stimulating activities will take your students’ educational engagement to a new level by developing team building and…
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7 Exciting Things that Happened in 2017

As we head into 2018, it is a time for reflection. Last year offered many opportunities for us to serve and educate the future of the modern workforce. Here are 7 exciting things iCEV did in 2017. 1. Certified 5,000 Students! Last year, 5,000 students earned industry certifications through the iCEV platform. Team iCEV recognized schools…
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Updates Complete: New Updates to iCEV

Added 179 interactive activities to 102 different lessons. We’ve added new interactive activities to help boost student engagement in your classroom. Many of iCEV’s printable activities are now available in an interactive format. Printable Activity                                           …
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7 iCEV Features & Integrations You Might Not Know About

Every once in awhile, we like to highlight improvements you might have missed. Here’s a recap so you can take advantage of our latest upgrades and make this year the best yet! 1. Randomized Assessments You asked, we answered. Randomized assessments are here! Interactive assessments now contain the same questions but appear in an unspecified order for…
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New Feature: Randomized Assessments!

Many of you have asked for assessment questions to be randomized. We’ve heard your request and every iCEV assessment will now have randomized questions. Here’s what you need to know! How it Works Questions appear in a different order for each student taking the exam – for instance, Student A might see questions in this…
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