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9 Tips to Maximize Your National FFA Experience

As we load up the iCEV trailer for National FFA we wanted to give you and your students tips and tricks to make the most of your 4 days in Indianapolis. The opportunity to attend National FFA is an honor for those who wear the yellow and blue. Download and pass out these 9 tips…
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Exploring Careers: Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Individuals pursuing a career within the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Career Cluster are responsible for maintaining law and order through law enforcement and legal services, protecting the safety of citizens through emergency and fire management services, as well as security and protective services. We have created a poster for each of the pathways within…
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Exploring Careers: Hospitality & Tourism

The Hospitality & Tourism Career Cluster introduces students to the activities associated with the management, marketing and operations of food and beverage services, lodging facilities, amusement and theme parks, cultural events and any other tourism services. We have designed posters for each of the pathways within this cluster to help your students explore their career…
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Exploring Careers: Architecture & Construction

Pave the way for your students to research the various career opportunities within the Architecture and Construction Cluster with these free classroom posters. We have created three posters which introduce each pathway and lists sample careers for each. Download these posters and display them in your classroom, share them on social media or use them…
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Exploring Careers: Health Science

The Health Science Career Cluster is designed to provide students with a firm base of knowledge to enter the health science industry. Courses within this cluster include Health Science Theory, Medical Terminology, Practicum in Health Science, Principles of Health Science and more. We have created five posters for each pathway to help your students explore their career options. Download these…
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Exploring Careers: Human Services

The Human Services Career Cluster is designed to provide students with a firm base of knowledge to enter the human sciences industry. Courses within this cluster include Introduction to Human Services, Human Growth & Development, Practices in Counseling & Mental Health, Family & Community Services, Early Childhood Development & Services and more. We have created…
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CTE Month: The Rise of CTE

The world of education is taking notice of the benefits and importance of a rising sector, Career and Technical Education (CTE). For years, CTE has been undervalued, which has led to a shortage of skilled workers in the American workforce. Industries have taken notice of this shortage and have begun to encourage educators to bring…
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8 Reasons to be #Thankful4CTE

Here are just a few of the reasons we’re thankful for Career & Technical Education. Share these images on social media to promote CTE and download the printable posters to use in your classroom. Enjoy! 1. Thanks to CTE, schools are producing more well-rounded and career-ready students. CTE curriculum is designed to bring career-ready programs into the…
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Infographic: The Rise in CTE

To keep pace with growing economic demands and prepare students to compete in a competitive workforce, education providers are turning to Career and Technical Education (CTE). The infographic below illustrates the increasing need for comprehensive training opportunities in the industries that are projected to grow the most in the next decade. Download the Infographic PDF Here…
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6 Inspirational Quotes for Your CTE Classroom

You spend a ton of time trying to inspire and motivate your students every single day. Whether through lecture or one-on-one time, inspiring your students is a big part of everything you do. It’s a big part of what we do also. We love inspiring students to find work they are passionate about, and teachers…
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