Certification Spotlight: Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science

Each month, we feature a different industry certification hosted on the iCEV testing platform, and this month, we are highlighting the Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification.

This blog features segments of an interview with Becky Fouard, Global Learning & Development Consultant at Elanco.

What is Elanco?

Elanco is an animal health company focused on food and companionship enriching lives. Regarding food, we are focused on developing quality protein to feed the growing population. For companionship, we are focused on the human-animal bond. Those are the two key areas we serve, and our mission is to help improve the lives of people through food and companionship.

Why is Elanco qualified to be the certifying body for industry certifications?

Elanco is qualified to be the certifying body for our industry certifications because we’ve been in this space since 1954. Actually, our parent company introduced the first product for veterinarian use in 1953. So we’ve been at the forefront of innovating and working with producers to find what solutions they need to decrease the threats of disease and other environmental factors to keep their animals healthy and thriving.

How challenging is it to find skilled workers in the animal science industry?

At Elanco, we are constantly looking for qualified workers to come alongside us. Today, consumers hear a lot of myths, so it’s more challenging to find those people who have sifted through the clutter and identified the facts about animal agriculture. As an industry, we care about the well-being of our animals so much. The well-being of our animals and keeping them healthy and thriving is what our producers and our customers want. So in this space, it’s more important than ever to find people who are qualified and who truly understand those customers we are serving and feel confident in the future of agriculture and the innovation we’re bringing to make animal’s lives better.

Why is it important to have industry certifications specific to the agriculture and animal science industry?

Elanco is at the forefront of providing certifications in the agriculture space. We recognize that other industries, such as human health and medicine, have been providing certifications for awhile. Today, we acknowledge that agriculture needs to step up, and we need to provide a certification of knowledge. We recognize individuals get knowledge through high school and college programs or organizations like FFA and 4-H, but industry certifications are the next level. Certifications bring our area to the same level of knowledge recognition that other industries have been operating in for a while.

Why did Elanco create the Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification?

Elanco created the Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification for multiple reasons. Animal health is at the heart of why we do what we do, food and companionship enriching lives, and we recognize the industry has evolved so much since Elanco was started in 1954. We know that today, about 20% of livestock are lost to disease or death, and our mission is to keep more animals healthy to meet the growing need for quality protein for the population, which will be growing 75% by 2050. So the importance of people truly understanding animal health is more important than ever before.

What do you hope individuals will gain by earning the Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification?

As individuals earn this certification, we hope they gain a true picture of the industry today. Elanco was the leader in creating this certification for animal science because we realize that things evolve, innovation is constantly taking place, and we need more great minds coming to the table to help understand the current landscape of animal health. We need folks who can come to the table understanding different these different kinds of innovations and help identify new products that meet the different disease needs that might enter the space of animal health.

What are the knowledge and skills individuals should possess after earning the Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification?

After earning this certification, individuals should have a full picture of animal science. They will understand the true science behind the industry today and also have those skills and understanding of where to find their niche in that space of animal science to offer their skills to benefit the industry.

Why should an individual earn the Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification?

There’s multiple reasons for an individual to earn this certification. One, it’s backed by the industry. This certification isn’t something someone created 50 years ago. It’s current. The industry has validated it. We have many veterinarians who work with us that have reviewed the certification. So you can trust that it’s up to date and it’s relevant. Two, this gives an opportunity and a leg up in that space of animal science. Whether that’s working with an animal health company like Elanco or working with a vet clinic, it gives individuals a leg up in understanding all those different factors that go into the system and where they might be able to play.

How will earning the Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification prepare individuals for their future careers?

Earning this certification will help individuals prepare for their careers, specifically by giving them a snapshot of what career opportunities there are. Animal science is a broad space, everything from nutrition to disease threats and treatments to breeding and selection, and there are companies that focus on each of those different areas. So by earning this certification, individuals can truly understand those different opportunities and pursue a career path based on what intrigues them the most.

How could the Elanco Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification secure employment?

This certification is definitely something individuals should put on their resume and talk about with potential employers. It gives them a leg up on other candidates applying for a job in this space because it shows they understand what animal science entails.


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