Connecting Learning with Real-World Interests

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Connecting Learning with Real-World Interests

“I’m never going to use this!” What teacher hasn’t heard this phrase? It can be frustrating for students when they have trouble making the connection between what they are learning now and their career goals.


Integrated Career Guidance

By pairing career interviews with your lessons, you offer your students an inside look at a variety of industry careers. Students will learn about new and exciting careers, find out which careers interest them most and discover which skills they need in order to have success.

When students hear first-hand from experts in the field, they discover that the skills and knowledge they gain in the classroom are, in fact, useful. Aligning career interest to what students learn in the classroom helps students become more engaged learners.

You probably already know that iCEV offers an array of career interviews, but did you know they are integrated right into our lessons? This allows you to easily bridge the gap between the classroom and careers for your students.


Expert Advice

iCEV’s experts offer advice and discuss important topics like career descriptions, education requirements, advancement opportunities, joys and challenges. See for yourself:

Using Career Connections is Simple

Look for the blue “Career Connections” section on the lesson plan to see the name, title, position and company of the experts being interviewed.


Finding Career Connections on the Lesson Page

The “Select Playlist” drop-down menu on the lesson page gives you easy access to the related Career Connection interviews for each lesson.

Tell Us Your iCEV Tricks

What tricks have you learned to help you in the classroom? Share in the comments below.

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