CTE Inspired: 10 Tips on How to Make Your Conference Experience a Success

Join CTE Educators from around the world July 27th - 29th or August 9th - 11th for CTE Inspired. The free conference, hosted by iCEV, is designed to offer professional development and networking opportunities for CTE educators. Attendees can attend one or both dates of the conference depending on their schedule.

During CTE Inspired, attendees will have the chance to hear from three of the world’s top keynote speakers, choose from over 90 sessions, earn PD certificates and digital badges and have their shot at winning their share of $75,000 in prizes. If you have not registered yet, do so today.REGISTER NOW

To help navigate all the features CTE Inspired has to offer, we developed a list of 10 tips to help make your CTE Inspired experience a success.


#1 Invite Friends & Colleagues

Attending CTE Inspired with a friend or colleague can help relieve pressure. Studies show people feel more comfortable going somewhere when they know someone who is also attending. Having a friend or colleague attend CTE Inspired with you can boost motivation, increase attention, and provide accountability. If you have a friend or colleague attending, you can also plan your agenda together. You can plan to attend the same sessions together or divide and conquer. If you invite five friends who use your referral code, you will receive a conference pack full of prizes. To learn more about how to win a conference pack, read this blog 

#2 Get to Know the Keynote Speakers

CTE Inspired will feature three of the world’s most dynamic keynote speakers, Angela Duckworth, Temple Grandin and Daymond John. Duckworth will kick off CTE Inspired by sharing her insights on grit and resiliency and share strategies to help attendees achieve their greatest potential. Dr. Grandin’s speech will focus on ensuring the needs of all students, specifically special populations students, are met within CTE classrooms. John will wrap up the conference by highlighting his unique goal setting and achievement strategies, which will empower attendees to make positive changes in their lives. We encourage you to do your research on each keynote. We have written a blog for each of our keynote speakers, which you can find here.

#3 Prepare Your Workspace

During a virtual conference, you may find yourself wanting to sit on the couch or on your bed; however, research suggests the environment we are in can affect our mood, confidence, attitude towards what we are learning and our behaviors while listening. Also, you would not wear your pajamas to an in-person conference, so we suggest you change out of them. Lounge clothes and casual dress can decrease motivation and attention. So, for the duration of the conference, get out of those PJs and make sure your workspace is tidy with a notebook and pen ready.

#4 Plan Your Agenda

CTE Inspired has 90 sessions for you to choose from. To get the most out of your conference experience, look at the session descriptions to see which sessions pique your interest and will be the most beneficial. Before the conference begins, take some time to review the conference agenda and plan your schedule at CTE Inspired. In planning your agenda, keep an eye out for sessions who may be led by well-known individuals. These profound speakers may give you a different perspective or innovative ideas to incorporate into your classroom. Treat a virtual conference as you would an in-person conference by adding your desired sessions to your calendar and workload.

#5 Dedicate a Notebook or Online Folder for CTE Inspired

Since there are 90 sessions and three keynotes, the amount of information presented at CTE Inspired may be daunting. Therefore, dedicating a notebook or online folder for CTE Inspired might be helpful.

“When you are attending a conference online, you can get lots of “stuff” from all

the sessions, so it helps to have everything in one place to reference later.”

– Knikole Taylor, Instructional Content Specialist at iCEV.

A lot of the sessions at CTE Inspired have documents attached to allow you to easily incorporate a new idea into your classroom. Having a designated place to take notes and save these documents allows you to stay organized. An organized notetaking and file-saving strategy will make it easier for you to go back and review information after the conference is over.

#6 Create an “Ah-Ha” List

Between three dynamic keynote speeches, subject-specific sessions, roundtables and virtual booths, you will walk away with a plethora of information. Following Tip #5, keep yourself organized with a dedicated notebook or online folder for the conference. Within this notebook or folder, create a section for “Ah-Ha” moments. These moments might be a lesson plan idea, perspectives you gathered from others, classroom strategies, a tip you liked or documents you want to use later. After the conference concludes, you can refer to this section to remember the key takeaways from CTE Inspired.

#7 Conference Self Care

Self-care is essential at virtual events, just like in-person events. Schedule snack and meal breaks for yourself. Maintaining a consistent schedule and keeping your body fueled will ensure a higher retention level. Also, do not be confined to your chair. Build in breaks between sessions to take a quick walk or just to stand and stretch. Something as small as standing, stretching or eating a snack can wake you up and get you refocused for sessions at CTE Inspired.

#8 Minimize Distractions

Block off your calendar for July 27th – 29th or August 9th – 11th to ensure you stay engaged. Whether you are tuning in from home or joining from your classroom, it is easy to multi-task and get distracted. Instead, close all browser windows, reduce notifications and grab a notepad to prepare yourself for all CTE Inspired has to offer. Virtual events are successful when attendees are active in all aspects of the conference, including attending keynote speeches, workshop sessions, participating in the live components and attending virtual booths.

#9 Engage in Every Element

CTE Inspired was created to allow educators, to engage with other attendees and stimulate meaningful conversations between educational and industry professionals. Sessions, virtual booths, roundtables and downloadable resources are all included with registration. Actively participate during each aspect of CTE Inspired to learn as much as you can throughout the conference. Engagement in all the different conference elements will not only connect you with likeminded colleagues, the sessions, virtual booths, roundtables and keynotes will also connect you with resources and ideas to incorporate in the classroom.

#10 Get Social

If you are an active social media user, post about your conference experience and use the hashtag #CTEInspired. Using the hashtag can boost conference engagement and build connections with others who have also attended. Social media is a great way to see other insights on the keynotes, sessions, virtual booths, roundtables and the conference as a whole are. Follow all of iCEV’s social channels @icevonline to stay to late with the latest conference news.



If you follow these 10 tips, we are confident you will have a stimulating and interactive experience at CTE Inspired.

To learn more about the conference, sessions, keynotes, or to register, visit our website