CTE Inspired 2021: You Won’t Want to Miss This

Last year iCEV hosted its first-ever virtual conference, CTE Inspired. Over 9,700 attendees gathered from every state in the U.S., Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Philippines, and England to develop their skills and learn new classroom strategies.


Looking Back on 2020

Through 44 sessions led by 90 presenters, CTE Inspired highlighted iCEV's features, provided support and shared resources with CTE teachers around the country. As we stepped into a new era of learning, educators collaborated on best practices for student success and making the most out of the educational shift. During the conference, a strong focus was placed on classroom practices, including iCEV’s new lesson plan design, industry certifications and education practices for special populations.

“The CTE Inspired event provided me with an abundance of knowledge and resources that I know I cannot wait to use,” said Jonathan Sandoval, CTE Teacher at North Monterey County High School.

In 2021, we’re going even bigger. This year’s conference will feature more speakers, sessions and prizes. Become inspired and energized to enter the fall semester by joining us July 27th- 29th for CTE Inspired. The conference is the perfect opportunity for CTE professional’s to advance their career, portfolio and professional network.

Whether you are passionate about iCEV or CTE, become an educational leader by presenting at CTE Inspired. iCEV will provide monetary compensation to workshop presenters for their time. If you’re interested in presenting at CTE Inspired, follow our tips below to submit a proposal.


Become an Educational Leader

iCEV recognizes the need for collaboration with experts who have firsthand knowledge and experience in CTE. We are looking for education and industry experts to share their passion for CTE by presenting innovative ideas. Becoming a presenter is easy and requires only five steps:

        1. Submit a workshop proposal online
        2. Schedule a pre-recorded meeting with an iCEV team member
        3. Record a 20-minute session
        4. Submit your workshop
        5. Join the live Q&A during the conference

View our list of tips for drafting and submitting a workshop proposal below.

        - Reflect on successful lessons or activities from your classes
        - Brainstorm classroom strategies, tools and practices you find helpful
        - Identify a purpose and outline key takeaways for the workshop
        - Ensure your workshop aligns with one or more of the identified topics
        - Ask a colleague to review your proposal
  Join CTE Inspired

If you have questions about workshop proposals or would like help flushing out your ideas, please contact Jacelyn Nesmith at jacelyn.nesmith@cevmultimedia.com.


Team iCEV is excited to host the CTE Inspired this summer. We look forward to connecting with CTE teachers through thought-provoking sessions and live discussions during the three-day conference. In the meantime, save the date and follow us on social media to learn the latest conference updates.