CTE Inspired Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble accessing the platform, what should I do?

Once you have registered for the conference, log in to the conference platform using your email and ticket ID. Google Chrome is the recommended browser to use with the platform. However, it is not a necessity. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft and Safari should all work with the platform. If you are unable to access the conference platform, try resetting the password by clicking “Forgot Password.”

What time zone are the sessions streamed in?

The conference platform defaults to follow the Central Time Zone. You can adjust the time zone within your profile settings. In the top right corner, click on the initial icon to change the time zone that appears on the agenda.

How do I access the live streams of the session?

You can access the sessions on the "Agenda" tab on the left-hand toolbar on the conference platform. Simply click on the title of the session you'd like to attend to go to the sessions page. You can also access the live sessions using the “View Live Sessions” tab on the menu bar or on the home page to go to the current live sessions.

Why isn't my video playing?

If you are experiencing issues with the video, this may be due to your internet connection or the browser you are using. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox if possible. Try switching browsers and checking your internet connection. Please try refreshing the conference platform using the "Refresh.”

Why isn't my audio working?

If you cannot hear, it may be due to an audio setting on your computer. Please review the steps below to ensure all appropriate settings are enabled.

Windows 10

- Check the volume settings

- Open the Settings on your windows menu

- Select sound settings

- Choose your output device

- Make sure your sound is turned on for the left and right ear


- Check the System Preferences

- Open System Preferences and click sound

- On the output tab, click internal speakers or headphones (whichever you are using)

- Make sure the Output volume is not muted

- Ensure the Output Volume slider is moved to the right

- You may need to update your Mac OS

If I continue to have access problems after troubleshooting on my own, who do I contact for technical help?

First, please be sure you are logged in to the conference ¬platform using the exact email you used to register. Next, try using a different browser to access the platform. Please be sure your internet connection is working. If you are receiving an error message when logging in, please try resetting your password by clicking "Forgot Password." If you are still having trouble, please email support@allintheloop.com or cevnews@cevmultimedia.com.

What if there are two sessions I want to watch, but they are at the same time?

Choose which session you think will best suit your classroom. Following the second conference, you will have access to the platform for one year. You can return to the conference platform to re-watch sessions, view new sessions and download materials at your convenience.

If I miss a session, can I go back and re-watch the workshop?

All sessions, excluding the keynote addresses, can be viewed after the viewing time. The workshops will be available on-demand July 27th-29th and August 9th-11th. Once both conference dates conclude, the sessions will be available on-demand for viewing for one year.

How will I receive my professional development certificate?

Track and redeem your professional development credit using the “PD Credit” tab in the virtual platform. Professional development certificates will reflect the number of sessions you attended through points. One-hundred points is equivalent to one hour of PD credit. Please note, it is up to your administrators if the conference hours will count as professional development credit. Digital certificates can be downloaded within the conference platform any time during or after the conference.

How can I download my digital certificate and digital badge?

               To download your professional development certificate:

- Within the conference platform, visit the “PD Credit” tab

- At the top of the page, click “Download my Certificate”

To download your digital badge

You will receive an email notification from Credly, a digital badging platform, noting you have been awarded a digital badge after August 12th. There will be instructions to download the digital badge within the email. You will be directed to Credly to redeem your badge.

When will prizes be awarded?

Prizes will be awarded based on participation and engagement during the conference. Those with the highest points will receive prizes at the end of the conference (August 11th).

How do I receive my industry certification voucher?

Earn an industry certification voucher by attending the iCEV as a Certification Testing Platform session on July 27th or August 9th at 12:35 pm CST. By attending the session live, you will receive a voucher for any certification on the iCEV testing platform. After the conference, you will receive a voucher code from the iCEV team. The voucher will not expire.