Digital Badges: Professional Recognition for the Modern Workforce

Skills Verification in the Digital Age

Digital badges are a powerful way to take charge of professional growth and development and have become a popular way for individuals to upskill and advance their careers. Businesses, schools, and organizations use digital badges to provide skills verification and offer opportunities for career advancement.

Digital badges signify the earner has completed a formally approved set of standards or competencies. Badges are earned by proving knowledge and skills or for completing specific tasks. Earning badges is a professional way to share career development experiences with others and highlight the earner's commitment to knowledge expansion in a particular area. Because they are an online representation of knowledge, skills, and accomplishments, digital badges provide an opportunity to promote those attributes through various channels.

Digital badges can be added to email signatures and digital resumes or shared on social media platforms. A digital badge provides verifiable metadata that describes the qualifications and process required to earn the digital badge, making it easier for others to recognize an earner's expertise and achievements.

Introducing iCEV Digital Badges

iCEV is committed to providing lifelong learners the tools necessary to achieve academic and professional goals. In an ever-changing marketplace, it is essential to communicate skills and credentials effectively. iCEV has partnered with Credly to offer a modernized version of credentials through digital badging. This fall, iCEV will begin offering digital badges to anyone who earns an industry certification hosted on the iCEV Certification Testing Platform and has already started award badges to educators who attend an iCEV professional development event.

iCEV began awarding digital badges at CTE Inspired, a virtual conference hosted by iCEV. Badges were awarded to presenters, as well as attendees based on the number of sessions attended. Nearly 2,000 presenters and recipients received an iCEV digital badge by participating in CTE Inspired.

Whether an individual earns an industry certification or an educator receives professional development credit, the digital badges awarded by iCEV offer a portable, verifiable method for professional accomplishment. Visit our website to learn more about iCEV's new digital badging initiatives.