Earning a Voucher at CTE Inspired for Industry Certifications

iCEV will host its second virtual conference, CTE Inspired, July 27th – 29th and August 9th – 11th. This year, the conference will include even more sessions, keynotes, prizes and networking opportunities. You don’t want to miss the most engaging CTE event of the year. Register for CTE Inspired today!



This year at CTE Inspired, attendees will have a chance to earn an industry certification exam voucher by attending the 'iCEV as a Certification Testing Platform’ session. Worth a $30 value, an iCEV certification exam can be used for any industry certification hosted on the iCEV platform, and never expires.

What is an industry certification?

In the simplest of terms, an industry certification is proof of knowledge and skills in a specific area or field. Certifications are developed by industry leaders and reflect the real-world needs in the modern workforce. All individuals, from students to working professionals can benefit from earning an industry certification. Earning a certification increases earning potential and leads to more educational and employment opportunities. The certification process assesses industry-valued and industry-recognized standards to prove the certification earner possesses the necessary skills required to be successful in the future.

How to earn a voucher at CTE Inspired

To earn an industry certification exam voucher at CTE Inspired, attendees must view the session ‘iCEV as a Certification Testing Platform’ live on July 27th or August 9th at 12:35 CST. Attendees who watch the session before or after the live stream are ineligible to receive a voucher. A voucher can be used for any of the certifications offered on the iCEV Certification Testing Platform. Attendees will receive the voucher via email after the conclusion of the second week of the conference.


Industry certifications are a powerful educational and professional development tool. Attending ‘iCEV as a Certification Testing Platform’ will not only provide session attendees with a better understanding of the iCEV Certification Testing Platform but also an opportunity to earn an industry certification, thereby advancing their knowledge and skills. Attendees can learn more about the industry certifications hosted on the iCEV Certification Testing Platform by attending the other sessions in the industry certification strand at CTE Inspired.