Exploring Careers: Health Science

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Exploring Careers: Health Science

The Health Science Career Cluster is designed to provide students with a firm base of knowledge to enter the health science industry. Courses within this cluster include Health Science Theory, Medical Terminology, Practicum in Health Science, Principles of Health Science and more. We have created five posters for each pathway to help your students explore their career options. Download these posters and display them in your classroom, share them on social media or use them as handouts for your students. The options are endless!

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Consumer Services

Therapeutic Services Pathway

Counseling & Mental Health

Diagnostic Services Pathway

Consumer Services

Health Informatics Pathway

Consumer Services

Support Services Pathway

Consumer Services

Biotechnology Research & Development Pathway



2 Responses

  1. Janet Zinke says:

    Can I place an order for 25-50 posters to be shipped to us?

    • Jessica Dorsey says:

      Hi Janet! We are so glad you are interested in the Career Cluster posters! Unfortunately, we are currently unable to fill physical orders for the posters. These freebies are offered for download on this blog so that you can print yourself or have them printed at your local office store.

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