From the Writer's Room: A Virtual Bell Ringer

The game "telephone" is a classic ice breaker. Recently, teachers have been using telephone as a way for students to learn and review concepts in the classroom, but it can also be applied in virtual learning. The game is easy to set up, play and gets every student involved. Telephone can be used as a virtual bell ringer activity for students to review class concepts!

Students can rely on the chat function of Zoom, Google Meets, Teams or any other telecommunication channel your classes are using for this bell ringer activity. All you will need to do is decide what review question students should chat around the class.


How it Works:

1. Once the first student joins the virtual meeting, ask them the review question.

2. This second student should privately chat the answer to the question to another student in class.

3. The third student should write what they think the original question was and chat it to another student.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 until all students have had a turn to participate.

5. Once finished, compare the original question with the last answer. Discuss what went wrong if the answers are way off!



This fun activity will jump start learning for the day, keep students occupied while waiting for class to start and allow teachers to assess which topics need more review with students! iCEV hopes you and your students enjoy this bell ringer activity!

In the upcoming weeks we will be sharing creative bell ringers, project and exit ticket ideas on our blog and on our social media channels (@icevonline). Make sure to keep an eye out for these activities!