Funding Watch: Investing in Innovation (i3)


Funding for Next Generation High Schools

Looking for funding to personalize and strengthen your CTE programs? Launching this spring, more than $20 million in funding to support next-generation high schools will be awarded through the latest Investing in Innovation (i3) grant program.  These competitive grants will boost access to real-world and hands-on learning; increase personalized and active learning; deepen ties to post-secondary institutions; and focus on equity in STEM opportunities.


This is the first time the i3 program is focused on high school redesign. The i3 program offers grants through a three-tiered approach:

  • Development grants for practices that are relatively untested by have high-potential;
  • Validation grants for promising practices with moderate evidence; and
  • Scale-up grants for the expansion or replication of practices that are supported with strong evidence.


The Development grant application will be announced March 14th, while Validation and Scale-up grant applications are to be released May 2nd.

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Paula Love, Ed.D.

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