How to Use the iCEV Testing Platform for Certification Only Access

This post will provide instructions for those who only have access to the industry certifications tested for on the iCEV testing platform.

Step 1

Log into iCEV

Go to to login. On the login screen, enter your username and password.


Step 2

Add New Certification

On your "My Courses" page, click the "+Add New Certification" button on the top right on your screen.

Step 3

Select Certification

On the "Add New Certification" page, select the certification you would like to add. Once you have selected the certification, click the "Add Certification" button.

Step 4

Invite Students

Next, click the green drop-down arrow to the right of the certification where you will be adding certification candidates. Click "Invite Students." You will be redirected to the “Registration Instructions” page. This page will include instructions the individual will need to register for the certification.

Step 5

Manage Proctors

As the teacher, you are automatically listed as the certification exam proctor. However, some states do not allow teachers to proctor a certification exam. If this is the case in your state, you can assign a proctor to the certification exam your students will take. Check your state and district guidelines to learn if your state allows teachers to proctor industry certification exams or if you will need to add a proctor to the certification exam settings.

Again, click the green drop-down arrow to the right of the certification you need to manage proctors for and click "Manage Proctors." On the “Manage Proctors” page, type the required information for the proctor under the “Invite Proctor” section. Once the information is entered, click “Invite.”

Note. You can also view the assignment and availability status of your proctors on this page, as well as view the guidelines for proctoring a certification exam on the iCEV platform.

Step 6

Proctor Certification Exam

Click the green drop-down arrow to the right of the certification you will be proctoring and click "Proctor Exams." On the “Proctor Exams” page, you will see a bar for each certification on your “My Courses” list. For each certification, you will see the status of each individual who has opened the certification exam. For the individual to begin the certification exam, the proctor must select the “Approved” box (and the “Digital Vouchers” if applicable). Next, click “Begin Exam” to allow the student to begin the certification exam.

Step 7

View Certification Results

Click the green drop-down arrow to the right of the certification you would like to view reports for and click "View Certification Results." You will now see a report screen for each certification added to you "My Courses" page that has been attempted. For each certification, the following reports will be generated:

*Certified- total number of individuals who have earned the certification

*Attempts- total number of the certification exam attempts

Passing- percent passing rate for the certification exam

*AVG Time- average time spent on the certification exam

AVG Grade- average certification exam grade

*Errors- number of technical errors that occurred during certification exams (such as internet connection failure)

*Industry Standard Reports- class average of correct answers for each industry standard

*Note. Reports with an eye icon in the top right corner can be clicked on to view individualized reports.




We hope you have found this blog helpful. If you have questions about the iCEV testing platform, contact our customer support department at (800) 922-9965.