Solutions for Alternatively Certified Teachers

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Solutions for Alternatively Certified Teachers

As Career Technical Education bridges the gap between the classroom and industries, workforce professionals are trading in their industry careers to become teachers. As a result of this non-traditional path, alternatively-certified teachers need tools to help them meet classroom and school district standards, while still meeting the needs of their industry. iCEV is a valuable source of educational resources that can help these teachers make the transition from industry to educator, as well as be confident and effective in the classroom.

Administrator Approved

School administrations and districts like to see prepared and organized classrooms. The best way to accomplish this is to review your lesson plans. However, learning to construct a lesson plan for the first time can be daunting for some.

To help conquer this task, each iCEV lesson comes with a printable PDF lesson plan that will show your administration you are meeting statewide standards. The lesson plans can either be submitted as is, or copied and pasted directly into district templates, depending on the format you request.

As alternatively-certified New Home High School teacher Ramon Benite explained, “I can submit a PDF document to my principal with the lesson plan, but I can make it how I want it.”


Teach Like a Pro

The world of teaching and shaping the young minds of tomorrow can be intimidating, so where do you start? Lesson planning. 

iCEV curriculum ensures you meet state and national standards by providing you with standard-aligned lesson plans. Each course can be customized to meet your specific teaching needs. Lessons feature media-rich lessons and coursework to keep students engaged, including handouts, projects and activities.

“I like the fact that I don’t have to come up with worksheets,” says Benite. “I just go in there, print them off and they are ready to go.”

Additionally, the diversity of teaching methods in each lesson is a perfect way for alternatively-certified teachers to experiment with the different learning styles in your classroom to better adapt to your students’ needs.

“As an alternative certified teacher, writing lesson plans and coming up with content was completely new to me my first year,” says Benite. “iCEV has really helped me learn how to teach a good lesson. It even tells you what to do that day and what to do that second day, but you have the freedom to tweak it.”

Stay Connected

It’s no secret CTE teachers have busy schedules. Often, CTE teachers are sponsors for organizations like FFA or DECA, resulting in time away from the classroom. So how do you keep control and growth happening in your classroom when you are away? Because of iCEV online, students and substitute teachers still can access the platform in your absence.

If your classroom has purchased student licenses, assignments are automatically graded. This means less work to come back to because you can see what students have covered, who’s behind and who’s ahead.

Keeping Current

CTE teachers are tasked with teaching multiple preps covering a wide range of topics. Often, alternatively certified teachers continue to work in both the classroom and an additional job. These teachers can have a unique insight on industry changes. Staying on top of the latest technologies and industry advancements can be made easy with iCEV.

“iCEV has made me a more confident teacher because I have those courses in my pocket to help me review those topics and lessons,” says Benite. “Even if you don’t want to show that specific video or PowerPoint, my iCEV account reminds and refreshes me on what I need to teach and what I need to cover.”

Additionally, iCEV offers new and updated courses with each subscription to further access to the latest in CTE.

Embrace Change

Teaching is one of the most admirable professions. For those who did not necessarily choose the teaching path, rather the teaching path chose them, iCEV can be an answer to navigating classroom standards and organization.

Alternatively-certified teachers, we thank you for bringing your industry knowledge and real-world expertise into the classroom.

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