iCEV in 2021 and Beyond

iCEV continuously seeks to create innovative solutions to educate, serve and inspire CTE educators and students across the country. Since iCEV’s creation in 1984, our team has continued to innovate the way we meet the needs of CTE to ensure tomorrow’s workforce is skilled and knowledgeable. As our company continues to evolve, we are thrilled to share major updates and developments to the online platform and insights into the future of iCEV.    

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iCEV in 2021 and Beyond 

iCEV develops and updates the platform to continue providing CTE students with purposeful and impactful educational experiences. Today, iCEV’s robust course library and resources are a result of 1,900 academic and industry collaborators coming together to bring expert information to the classroom. The online platform hosts 2,038 lessons across eight subject areas and 16 industry certifications. Within those lessons, 35,718 minutes of video are included to enhance student understanding. 

STEM Launch 

iCEV is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new STEM site.  iCEV’s STEM curriculum was intentionally developed to fit the needs of any STEM program regardless of funding, space or teacher experience. 

Subject area playlists within iCEV’s STEM curriculum include engineering design, scientific method, physics basics, data analysis and more. Additionally, the STEM site features two new lesson types, lab and design challenges offering students the opportunities to apply the content to hands-on experiences. Join us October 5th  to learn how you can level up your classroom with iCEV’s STEM site.  

New iCEV Features   

New Lesson Plan Style  

Lesson plans now features step-by-step instructions, bell ringer activities, exit tickets and student action plans. All projects and activities will also now include accommodations, modifications and extensions for teachers to use. 

Course Setting Updates 

Are you teaching multiple periods of the same course in one semester? We’ve added the option to copy course settings from one course to another, saving you time. All customization and visibility settings will be copied; however, the gradebook and roster will remain separate.  

LMS Updates 

In our digital world, LMS integrations are more important than ever. Our team is continuously working to improve the integration between iCEV and LMS’s to make your experience as seamless as possible. To see the latest updates, preview our guides for Google ClassroomCanvas and Schoology 


We will continue to make updates and improvements to the iCEV platform in the future. If you’re not already following us on social, please do! You’ll be able to stay up to date on what we’re working on and be part of the conversation we’re having about future content and iCEV features our users want to see.