iCEV on the Road – May Week 1

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iCEV on the Road – May Week 1

Team iCEV continually travels all over the country to connect with teachers and administrators, conduct professional development sessions, attend education conferences, host workshops and give presentations. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.


Bob Brown, Curriculum Sales Consultant, visits Tri-Point High School in Cullom, Illinois and assists Diana Loschen, Agriculture Instructor, and her students with their etiquette meal.


Glenn Perryman, Curriculum Sales Consultant, meets with Rhonda Fulmer, Director of Ed. Initiatives, at the SC Finance Forum in Columbia, South Carolina.


The SC Finance Forum, attended by Business, Finance, Social Studies, Economics, and Family & Consumer Sciences teachers.


Lonnie C. Johnson, Curriculum Sales Consultant, travels to Nashville, Tennessee to give a presentation to the Tennessee Textbook Agency Review Committee.


Lori Jackson, Textbook Coordinator for Jackson Public Schools, and Lonnie C. Johnson, Curriculum Sales Consultant.



Behind the Scenes: Our recent shoot with Randall Hust, Construction Technology Teacher at Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center, for the Principles of Architecture & Construction course.


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