iCEV Teacher of the Month: Cheryl Stockton

Each month, we recognize a teacher who is furthering the field of Career & Technical Education by using innovative and outstanding methods. This month, we are excited to recognize Cheryl Stockton as the October iCEV Teacher of the Month.


Stockton is the CTE department chair at Everman High School. Located in Everman, TX the Everman CTE program hosts nearly 800 of the approximately 1,800 total Everman students. As the department chair, Stockton has overseen the program as it has expanded to encompass a variety of CTE subject areas. Last year, robots, engineering and culinary classes were added to the already extensive course list, which includes an exceptionally strong education and training pathway and an audiovisual program.

Along with overseeing the Everman CTE program, Stockton also teaches a career preparedness class for seniors and the principles of human services class for freshmen through junior students. For the past three years, Stockton has been incorporating iCEV materials in her classes as supplemental resources. She utilizes a mixture of print and interactive handouts and assignments to complement the video and PowerPoint® lesson components. This past year, Stockton opted to include industry certifications in her course designs. While attempting a certification exam was not a course requirement, Stockton encouraged her students to earn an industry certification as an extension of the course.

Stockton has seen the impact earning an industry certification can have on a student’s academic and career trajectory. Two years ago, one of Stockton’s students was consistently late to school, if he even made it to class. Because this particular student was working an after-school job late into the night, he rarely finished his assignments. Last year, Stockton used a different approach and decided to help this student prepare for his future instead of purely focusing on class assignments. Stockton told her student about industry certifications and how earning a certification could help an individual be more competitive in the workforce. Enticed by the possibility of better job opportunities, this student earned three industry certifications. By the end of the school year, this student had earned the Southwest Professional Communications Certification, the Express Career Preparedness Certification and the Center for Financial Responsibility Personal Financial Literacy Certification. Two other students also earned industry certifications in Stockton’s classes.

To recognize the certification earners, Stockton ordered cords for the students to wear at their high school graduation. To distinguish the certifications, Stockton ordered the cords based on the colors of the certifying organization. The students who earned the Southwest Professional Communications Certification wore red, white and blue cords, the Express Career Preparedness Certification earners wore light and dark blue cords and the student who earned the Center for Financial Responsibility Personal Financial Literacy Certification wore a red and black stole.

This year, Stockton’s students are working toward achieving an industry certification. Her freshmen students are preparing for the Southwest Professional Communications Certification and the sophomore students have the option to choose between the  Express Career Preparedness Certification or the Southwest Professional Communications Certification.

Stockton is a great example of a teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. By offering and incentivizing industry certifications, Stockton is helping her students become better prepared for the workforce. At iCEV, we are privileged to work with outstanding teachers like Stockton, and we are excited to recognize her as an iCEV Teacher of the Month.


iCEV wants to recognize the teachers who work tirelessly to set their students up for educational and career success. If you know a teacher who deserves to be recognized, nominate them for iCEV Teacher of the Month by contacting Kimberly Cantrell at or (806) 745-8820.