iCEV Teacher of the Month: Lynette Weddle

Each month, we recognize a teacher who is helping students achieve success by using innovative and outstanding methods. This month, we are excited to recognize Lynnette Weddle as the December iCEV Teacher of the Month.


For 17 years, Weddle has been teaching language arts at North Park High School, in Walden, CO. Weddle also teaches a variety of other classes, including speech, college prep, drama, leadership and technical and creative writing, along with language arts for five grade levels.  While not technically a Career & Technical Education teacher, Weddle has molded the 12th grade English class to address language arts content along with CTE principles since North Park does not offer a traditional business course. In this class, Weddle uses iCEV materials to cover topics including career exploration, résumés and cover letters and job application and interviewing techniques.

Situated in the middle of North Park Basin, Walden is a small town primarily sustained by the agricultural and tourism industries. Due to its remote location, students at North Park are often unaware of the job opportunities that are available in and out of the basin. To combat this, Weddle uses iCEV, as well as other occupational outlook resources, to show her students how many careers are available across various industries.

“Our kids don’t even know there are jobs in certain fields, so exploring careers is really critical. They might think they know what they want to do, but it’s really because they don’t know of all the options that are available. So I think exploring those opportunities is really important,” said Weddle.

Weddle was inspired to start using iCEV materials in her classes by Eric Wellman, North Park agricultural science teacher, and Angie Daly, former North Park science teacher and current iCEV Curriculum Constultant. With the help of iCEV, Weddle helps her students find their passion and gives them the tools they need to turn their passion into a career.  Because of this exposure, students of North Park have found success in a variety of areas. Whether it’s a career in agriculture, tourism or any other industry, the students of North Park are prepared to enter the workforce because of the lessons and skills they developed in Weddle’s class.

“I feel like our students are prepared for life after high school, and my job is to prepare them for that,” Weddle said. “The fact that our students are able to be productive members of society after high school is significant.”


At iCEV, we want to recognize the teachers who work tirelessly to set their students up for educational and career success. If you know a teacher who deserves to be recognized, nominate them for iCEV Teacher of the Month by contacting Kimberly Cantrell at or (806) 745-8820.


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