iCEV Teacher of the Month: Sondra Luker

Each month, we spotlight a teacher who provides students the skills and knowledge to be successful using innovative and outstanding teaching methods. We are excited to recognize Sondra Luker as the December iCEV Teacher of the Month.


Sondra Luker, health science teacher at Foley High School, has always been passionate about the medical field. She served as a registered nurse in the surgical trauma intensive care unit at a hospital in rural Alabama for over 10 years. As an experienced nurse in the level one trauma center of a training hospital, Luker developed a passion for teaching others the ins and outs of the industry.

Today, Luker teaches health science at Foley High School. Her courses prepare students for the workforce, whether they pursue a career in the medical field or choose a different path. For the last eight years, Mr. Moore, principal at Foley High School, has placed emphasis on ensuring students were career or college ready. Eight years ago, he began offering Career and Technical Education courses within the high school. With Luker’s help, Foley High School has created a well-known and respected health science program in Alabama.

In her classes, Luker relies on hands-on experiences and lectures to provide students the essential background knowledge and foundational skills to be successful. To ensure the concepts covered in her courses are meaningful, she uses iCEV. Luker uses iCEV has her core curriculum in her courses. She supplements the in-class assignments with hands-on experiences and offers industry certifications to her students.

“My students love iCEV, they even love the student notes,” said Luker. “I believe they have learned more using iCEV. I am amazed at how quick they remember vocabulary terms and key concepts when reviewing previous lessons.”

Luker introduces and reviews concepts with students through iCEV’s videos, activities and notes. She says iCEV has been an incredible resource to keep students on track over the last year. Students who are transitioning from virtual to in-person courses, or vice versa, are all on the same page. She said, “Regardless of our learning environment, I can ensure students are continuing to learn and presented meaningful content.”

To supplement the lecture content, Luker has a close partnership with a local high school where students can put the concepts and skills demonstrations to practice. With open doors, the local hospital invites students in to shadow current nurses and health care workers to master their skills.

“Hands-on learning looks a little different this year. However, students may be the most prepared, hygienic, students I have ever had,” said Luker. “Students will be the most knowledgeable employees when it comes to infection control of any who have completed the program. They are still learning and practicing traditional concepts, just in a more controlled manner.”

Thanks to Luker’s mentorship, passion and dedication, her students gain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful after high school. Throughout her teaching career, she has mentored multiple students who have entered the medical industry. Additionally, she has watched many students be successful in other careers due to the employability skills covered in her courses.

At iCEV, we want to recognize teachers like Sondra Luker, who work tirelessly to set their students up for educational and career success. If you know a teacher who deserves to be recognized, nominate them for iCEV Teacher of the Month by contacting Jacelyn Nesmith at