Introducing: 4 New STEM Courses

To meet the demand of 3.5 million STEM-related jobs in the next three years, STEM principles are now being incorporated in middle and high school classrooms. To help prepare the next generation of STEM workers, iCEV recently released our brand-new STEM site. The new site is designed to make STEM programs approachable, regardless of funding, space or teacher experience.



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iCEV is excited to announce the launch of 4 brand-new courses within the STEM site including: Principles of Applied Engineering, Engineering Science, Engineering Design & Presentation I and Principles of Technology. These courses introduce students to engineering design concepts, problem solving processes and are project-based including lab activities and capstone projects. iCEV’s new STEM curriculum is designed to take the stress of planning and grading off of educators so they can spend more time creating educational and impactful experiences for students. In this blog we will highlight what’s included in each course and the value each of these STEM courses offers students in their academic journey.


Principles of Applied Engineering

The Principles of Applied Engineering course is the perfect way to introduce students to engineering basics, career opportunities in STEM and foundational knowledge relevant to engineering and robotics. In this course, designed for 9-10th graders, students are exposed to a broad overview of engineering through career interviews, design challenges and a capstone project at the end of the course to synthesize student learning. Topics discussed in this lesson also include:

  • Professionalism in the Sciences: Applied Engineering
  • Basic Computer-Aided Drawing
  • Robotics Basics
  • Engineering Notebooks
Engineering Science

iCEV’s Engineering Science course connects student knowledge gained from core subjects including physics and algebra and applies the same ideas to engineering concepts. In this course, students explore the application of physics in engineering through 3 design challenges, activities, slide shows and videos. This course can also be taken and applied as a science credit towards a student’s graduation requirements while being a CTE course. Other ideas discussed in this course include:

  • Developing a Model
  • Principles of Machines
  • Conducting Lab & Field Investigations
  • Tools & Equipment
Engineering Design & Presentation I

The Engineering Design & Presentation I course is aimed at allowing students the opportunity to design products and present their ideas as they would in the career world as an engineer. As an upper-level course, meant for students 11- 12th grade, students engage with the same tools and software used every day by engineers in the industry. This course includes 2 design challenges, a multitude of activities and a capstone project for students to complete at the end of their course. Other topics discussed in this course include:

  • Engineering Teams
  • Ethics in Engineering
  • Principles of Computer-Aided Drawing
  • Product Design
Principles of Technology

The new Principles of Technology course is aimed at helping students understand the importance and role physics plays in engineering and modern technology. In this course, students engage with topics including magnetism, electricity, circuits, motion and other physics concepts that power today’s technology. Within the course, teachers will find lesson plans, standards-aligned sheets, lab challenges, engaging videos, slideshows and activities for students to become familiar with the importance of physics in engineering. Other topics discussed in this course include:

  • Projectile Motion
  • Gravitational Force
  • Circuits and Electrical Components
  • Laws of Thermal Dynamics


As the demand for knowledgeable and experienced employees in the STEM industry continues to increase, today’s CTE educators are tasked with preparing the next generation of the workforce. If you are interested in learning more about iCEV’s 4 new STEM courses, visit our website or contact your local curriculum consultant by clicking the button below. Keep an eye on our social channels and blogs for more upcoming course launches and resources to take your CTE program to the next level.

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