Introducing: Industry Certification Pre-test Feature

Earning an industry certification for today’s students is a significant accomplishment and a valuable first step toward reaching their career goals. While the certification itself is valuable the process and growth students experience working toward earning their certification is just as valuable. In this blog we’ll take an in depth look at iCEV’s new industry certification pre-test features including all the reporting options and resources educators can use to monitor student growth and the results of time spent learning.

What is Pre-testing

CTE teachers who implement industry certifications in their classroom now have the option to enable a pre-test before students’ access or engage with any certification curriculum. The pre-test is meant to assess individual student’s knowledge prior to certifying and to allow for additional reporting options such as student or class growth. The pre-test is a 100-question test developed from the same standards students will be assessed on in the final certification exam. Once the pre-test feature is enabled it cannot be turned off as it will be actively recording data on pre-test and final exam results. If an educator who has enabled the pre-test feature wishes to disable the feature, they will have to create a new certification playlist course and make certain not to enable pre-testing.

Enabling Pre-testing
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Industry Certification Reports

Keeping in mind the process of learning can be just as valuable as the knowledge and skills students gain, with pre-testing enabled there will be additional information available through the Industry Certification Reports area. An industry certification report includes pre-test scoring information, certification exam scoring information as well as growth data between the tests to show individual student’s progress. Through the pre-testing feature educators will also have access to reports showing individual and class results from both the pre-test and final certification exam. To learn more about Industry Certification Reports and how to maximize this feature check out our tutorial on Viewing Student Certification Reports for more information.

To learn more about iCEV’s new industry certification pre-test features and how it work visit our tutorials page below. View Tutorials