Introducing Scientific Research and Design Course

To meet the demand of 3.5 million STEM-related jobs in the next three years, STEM principals are being incorporated in middle and high school classrooms. To help prepare the next generation of STEM workers, iCEV recently released a brand-new STEM site. The new site is designed to make STEM programs approachable, regardless of funding, space or teacher experience.

iCEV is excited to launch a brand-new course within the STEM site, Scientific Research and Design. This course is project-based and designed to provide hands-on learning of science concepts including biology, chemistry and physics. This article highlights what’s included in the course and the hands-on component of the Scientific Research Design Course.


What’s Included

The Scientific Research and Design Course incorporates project-based learning to teach students scientific concepts and apply them to the real world. The comprehensive course features everything needed to get started teaching scientific concepts right away.

Based on educational standards, lesson plans, lab procedures, worksheets and assessments are all included within the course. Additionally, videos led by educational experts are included to walk teachers and students through each lab and hands-on components.


Content Included

Within the course, educators have access to the curriculum for standards outlined within education. The following topics are included within the course.

• Scientific Research Strategies
• Test Design
• Data Analysis
• Lab safety

These are just examples of what is included within the course. Additional lessons, such as Scientific Literacy, will be included in the online course. Within this lesson, teachers can find templates and guides to help them incorporate literacy within their classes. Introducing scientific concepts to students offers immense value to help them prepare for their future.

Whether students pursue a career in STEM or a related field, learning writing, research and analytical skills are crucial to preparing for the workforce. Numerous jobs incorporate at least one of these concepts within their day-to-day work.

The Scientific Research and Design Course is now available on the STEM and agricultural science site. To learn more about the course or STEM site, connect with your local curriculum consultant.


All of iCEV’s STEM lessons allow students to develop real-work and problem-solving skills personally and within a team setting. In the upcoming months, iCEV will be adding new, engaging curriculum to the site. To stay up to date with iCEV’s STEM site, make sure to subscribe to our blog and social media channels.