Kansas Educators Find Success in Incorporating Industry Certifications in CTE

As education continues to evolve, CTE educators and administrators are changing their methodology to increase academic, employability and citizenship skills in their students. While this is a national shift, educators in Kansas have begun emphasizing these skills within their CTE classrooms throughout the last decade. To ensure students are developing these skills, Kansas educators have shifted the dynamics of their classrooms to a student-centered approach.

One approach to help students develop these skills is offering industry certifications within a course. Whether a student is in high school, college or any formal education setting, earning an industry certification can have several positive effects on an individual’s education and career path. For example, students who earn an industry certification are more likely to achieve academic and career success.

This blog highlights educators in Kansas who are going above and beyond to prepare their students for the workforce and provide opportunities and strategies for life-long success using industry certifications.

Industry Certifications in the Agricultural Classroom

Seventh-generation farmer and Macksville agricultural teacher, Hannah Ezell, began her teaching career when she saw a need within her community to expand the agricultural education program. Since then, the agricultural department enrollment numbers have steadily increased at Macksville High School. Offering two pathways, animal science and agribusiness, Ezell has found a way to prepare students for careers within the agricultural industry by offering the BASF Plant Science Certification.

“As teachers, the most important thing to us is we all want our students to fulfill their full potential, said Ezell. “When the students put in the work and effort into earning the certification it’s all worth it because they have something on their resume that makes them valuable to employers.”

Educators around Kansas have had countless students excel in their classes by incorporating industry certifications in their curriculum. Whether students are enrolled in an agricultural course or a business course, industry certifications can be incorporated into the course to help students excel in their academics and careers.

Industry Certifications Used in Business Classes

Wellington High School CTE business teacher, Rane Case, continuously searches for ways to equip students with the skills needed to be successful upon graduating high school. Upon learning about iCEV from the agricultural instructor at Wellington, Case started certifying students with the Express Employment Professionals Business Office Technology and the Express Employment Career Preparedness Certifications.  

"iCEV provides many opportunities for students to earn multiple certifications," said Case. “In addition, the curriculum is relevant and rigorous. And the best part is you can customize your lesson to fit your needs with the materials provided to you in iCEV.”

These are just two examples of how industry certifications can be used in agricultural and business courses. Through these examples, educators can see the impact and value of including industry certifications in their courses.


The requirements to enter the workforce are continuously evolving encouraging CTE to adapt to ensure students are ready for new and emerging career fields. As educators seek to prepare students with 21st-century skills to enter the modern workforce, certifications offer unmatched value for students’ futures.

Regardless of what platform the certification is earned on, industry certifications offer unmatched value to a variety of groups including students, professionals, schools and businesses. At iCEV, we are passionate about preparing students for the future. We understand each student’s journey to success looks different, which is why we over CTE curriculum for 16 career pathways and host 16 industry certifications on the iCEV testing platform.

To learn more about how you can implement industry certifications into your Kansas classroom, please contact Angie Daly at angela.daly@cevmultimedia.com or Nicole Hill at nicole.hill@cevmultimedia.com.