Lessons and Projects to Keep Students Engaged Around the Holidays

The days leading up to the winter break can be a time of excitement and craziness in the classroom. Students have just wrapped up finals and are eager for a few weeks away. Instead of turning on a movie or playing board games, what can teachers do to keep their students motivated and learning during this hectic time? Here are a few ideas using iCEV curriculum!

Agriculture Science

1.Field Trip: Blue Bell Ice Cream™

Take a tour through Blue Bell Ice Cream™ right from your classroom with iCEV. Your students will get to see first hand how Blue Bell™ researches and develops flavors, the ice cream making process, and the packaging and selling of the product.



2.Floral Design - Wreaths

Teach students a holiday tradition by helping them make a wreath to take home. From natural tree wreaths to the popular modern designs, students will let their creativity shine with this hands-on project! Need some inspiration? Take a look at our Holiday wreath board made just for you and your classroom.


Architecture, Construction, Transportation & Manufacturing

1.Field Trip: Hoover Dam 

In this field trip, iCEV takes you to the Hoover Dam! In this lesson, go back in time to learn about the history and making of one of the world's largest concrete structures. Additionally, your students will be able to explore the Hoover Dam as a modern-day tourist destination.



2.Explore Pinterest for Holiday-Themed Shop Projects

Homemade holiday projects double as personal gifts for many students. Take their gift giving to the next level by having each student construct a unique holiday shop project. From welding reindeer to wood creations, these simple shop ideas will put even the Grinch of your class into the holiday spirit.


Business, Marketing, Finance, IT & Media

1.Hour of Code

Join the nationwide movement to get students cracking code! Websites like Hour of Code provide a fun opportunity for students to learn the basics of coding while playing online games. Each activity comes with tutorials to help students truly learn this valuable IT skill.

2.Field Trip: Game Day

The sports industry in America is a multi-billion dollar business. On this iCEV field trip, you and your students will get an inside look at the business and marketing preparation it takes for stadiums and teams to operate. This lesson also comes complete with engaging activities where students can take a turn at creating marketing opportunities for their very own sports team.



Career Exploration

1.Field Trip: Southwest Airlines

Come fly with iCEV as we dive deeper into the career success of Southwest Airlines. This engaging field trip will allow each student to gain insight into the industry of one of America’s largest commercial airlines. Afterward, go more in-depth with the Career Connections activity to discuss what a career in a large company like Southwest can look like.


2.Endless Ted Talks for Career Guidance and Development  

Ted Talks are a fantastic online resource for any subject area, however, the expertise of thousands of career professionals at your fingertips. Specifically, students may find beneficial Ted Talks that discuss career guidance and development as they prepare for their careers post-graduation. The simple life lessons provided in interviews from industry professionals are a great way to expose students to career prep.


Family & Consumer Sciences

1.Pinterest project

Have leftover fabric? Coffee cup koozies to personalized stockings will get your ideas sparking! These are just a few creative ways to improve your student's sewing skills while having some holiday fun!

2.Hot Topics-Technology & Children

Take time to explore iCEV’s Hot Topics! Technology & Children is a great way to get conversations rolling in your classroom about this controversial topic. Activities and worksheets are provided for your students to further analyze their opinions on the topic.



Health Science

1.Holiday Themed Cards for your Local Hospital

Spreading holiday cheer to hospital staff is a positive way your health science students can make an impact on their future profession. Have students tie in medical art and jokes on their cards a special touch. Check out our Holiday Pinterest board for ideas!

2.Hot Topics - Stem Cell Research

In this iCEV Hot Topic lessons, start a discussion about stem cell research. This controversial reacher method can be further discussed with activities and projects, as well as online research. Encourage your students to form their own opinions on this hot topic!


Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

1. Say Thank You to First Responders

Check out these handwritten candy gram thank you card ideas for your local first responders. These simple touches are a fun activity to get your students thinking about the daily sacrifices first responders make during the holiday season to keep everyone safe.

2. Holiday Crime Scene-Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

A holiday classic can now be an interactive forensic case for your classroom! Create a hit and run scene to truly find out how grandma got run over by a reindeer. Students will be given forensic information and details while having full access to the crime scene. From there, let their classroom-learned skills take them down the trail of evidence.