LMS and iCEV: How to add iCEV as an external tool in Schoology

Did you know iCEV can be added as an external tool to Learning Management Systems (LMS) through Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)? This blog series will teach you how to integrate iCEV into your LMS.

Step 1

Select Course

To begin, select the course you where you would like to add iCEV as an external tool.


Step 2

Selecting External Tool Providers

Select the “Course Options” drop-down menu on the left side of the screen. In the menu, select the “External Tool Providers” button.

Step 3

Add External Tool Provider

In the new “External Tools” window, select the “Add External Tool Provider” button.

Step 4

Adding External Tool

In the “Tool Name” text bar, type the name of the external tool, for example, “iCEV.” Next, enter the “Consumer Key” and “Shared Secret.” Select the “Privacy” setting preferred by your school. We suggest “Only send Name of user who launches the tool.” For the “Configuration Type” setting, select “Manual.” In the “Match By” menu, select “URL.” Then, in the “Domain/URL” section, enter https://login.icevonline.com/LTI.

*NOTE. To get a “Consumer Key” and “Shared Secret” contact iCEV Customer Service at (800) 922-9965.


Remember, you must have teacher and student logins to successfully use iCEV as an external tool in Schoology. Now that you have added iCEV as an external tool, you can add iCEV resources into your Schoology courses. To learn how click here.