LMS and iCEV: How to add iCEV resources in Canvas

This post will explain the steps needed to add an iCEV resource in Canvas. If you have not already added iCEV as an external tool in Canvas, these steps will be ineffective. To learn how to add iCEV as an external tool in Canvas, go to this post.

Step 1

Select Course

To begin, select the course you where would like to add an iCEV resource.

Step 2

Click “+Assignment”

Click “+Assignment” to add a new assignment to the course.

*NOTE. If your course is not designed to open to the Assignment tab, you will need to select “Assignments” on the left-hand menu before clicking “+Assignment.”

Step 3

Fill in Assignment Details

In the “Assignment Name” text bar, type in the name you would like to give this assignment. Next, set the “Points,” “Assignment Group,” “Display Grade as” and “Assign” options. (You can list the objectives of the assignment or any other notes you wish in the text box, but this is not required.)

Step 4

Define “Submission Type”

In the “Submission Type” box, select “External Tool” from the dropdown menu. Next, click “Find” to find the external tool you would like to add. In the “Configure External Tool” box, scroll down until you see “iCEV.” Click on “iCEV” and then click “Select.” Finally, click “Save.”

*NOTE. Be sure to select “Load This Tool In A New Tab.”

Step 5

Select Resource

Once you click “Save,” the assignment you just created will open. This is where you will select the resource you would like to use from the iCEV library. In the “Select Subject” drop-down menu, select the subject area the course is located under. Once you have selected the subject, click “Select Lesson from Course” to select the course you are using.

*NOTE. You can also select “Search/Browse Lessons” if you prefer to search for the assignment using a title or keyword.

Step 6

Select Assignment

If you have chosen the “Select Subject” option, scroll down until you find the course you are looking for. Once you have selected the course, a new dropdown menu will appear with each of the units in that course. Select the unit you are looking for, and then click “Select” for the assignment you would like to choose.


*NOTE. Based on the screen size of the computer, you may need to scroll over to see the “Select” button to the right of the resource you would like to select.

*NOTE. If you select a resource that is listed as “Printable Activity,” the resource will open as a PDF in a new tab, while the interactive resources will appear as a window in the Canvas course.