Meet & Greet iCEV's Brand-New STEM Site

The STEM workforce has grown rapidly in the last decade. STEM focuses on science components and connects them to innovative technologies. Career opportunities in STEM range from biologists, mathematicians to engineers. By 2025, researchers predict there to be 3.5 million jobs in STEM-related fields needing to be filled across the United States.

To help prepare the next generation of the STEM workforce, iCEV is excited to launch the brand-new STEM site. The new site is designed to make STEM programs approachable, regardless of funding, space or teacher experience. In this article, iCEV highlights the background of the STEM site, what is included and how to take advantage of current opportunities to receive access to the site.

Receive STEM Updates


Designed to be a comprehensive STEM curriculum, the STEM site simplifies the planning process for STEM teachers. Within the site, teachers have access to lesson plans, vocabulary, activities and assessments. Additionally, iCEV includes grading features for interactive activities.

Based on educational standards, our team has developed materials (i.e., videos, PowerPoints) with industry leaders to provide students an engaging, educational experience. Using the student action plans, teachers can ensure all students, including those who are absent or in quarantine, stay on track with the course.



Whether used in a traditional classroom, extracurricular activity or at a summer camp, STEM is designed to include hands-on activities. Within the curriculum, iCEV is launching two new lesson types to ensure the curriculum is more engaging for students. Lab challenges focus on scientific principles while design challenges provide students the opportunity to explore engineering principles.

STEM exposes students to real-world experiences and challenges their problem-solving skills. All 60 of iCEV’s STEM lessons allow students to develop these skills personally and within a team setting. In the upcoming months, iCEV will be adding new, engaging curriculum to the site.

Our content development team is passionate about providing students opportunities to enhance their skills regardless of their chosen careers. The goal-oriented team has spent countless hours developing the curriculum for STEM and is excited to watch students grow their skillset using activities, challenges and the new curriculum. In the coming months, our content development team will be sharing strategies, resources and advice for building a successful STEM program regardless of learning environment and budget.

If you are interested in learning more about the new STEM site, join us on October 5th for a sneak peek at the online platform. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming event. Additionally, to learn more about receiving the content at a discounted rate, reach out to your local curriculum consultant or visit our website


About the Author

Jacelyn Nesmith serves as the Content Development Specialist and Event Coordinator at iCEV. Due to her roots in CTE, Jacelyn is passionate about the industry and enjoys providing interactive materials and resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. Her background, experiences and proficiency in agricultural communications and education allow her to effectively communicate the successes of CTE educators, teacher tips and project ideas, utilizing the iCEV platform and various communication outlets.