Middle School Digital Literacy & Career Exploration

Middle school Career and Technical Education (CTE) has the power to expose students to college and career options and equip them with the transferable skills they need to plan for and succeed in high school and beyond. Today, a key way career exploration is provided to middle school students is through exploratory CTE courses and digital literacy aimed at enhancing students’ technological skills.

iCEV is excited to offer a new curriculum package designed for middle school students. The Middle School Digital Literacy & Career Exploration package offers exciting courses for 6th, 7th and 8th grades to help students become savvy digital citizens, explore future career opportunities and offer opportunities to show mastery of industry skills. In this blog, we will discuss iCEV’s new Middle School Digital Literacy & Career Exploration course and the value it can add to your students’ academic and career journeys.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is the ability to use and create technology-based content, including finding and sharing information, answering questions, and interacting with others effectively. For today’s educators, digital literacy can be intimidating as technological advancements in the past 50 years have expanded exponentially. In pursuit of helping CTE educators prepare students for a highly technological workforce, iCEV is excited to incorporate digital literacy into our course offerings to help students become savvy digital citizens.

iCEV’s Middle School Digital Literacy & Career Exploration course is composed of multimedia lessons featuring videos, slide presentations and interactive activities. Each lesson is accompanied by detailed lesson plans to assist educators with classroom implementation and differentiation, as well as engaging projects and activities to enhance student learning. Throughout the course students will engage with common technology applications, sharpen their keyboarding skills and create a wide range of media and communications pieces including slide shows, podcasts, webpages and infographics. As society becomes increasingly technologically driven, incorporating digital literacy into middle school CTE classrooms offers students the ability to develop critical skills to succeed in today’s workforce. To learn more about digital literacy and the value it can add to your classroom, visit our website to view course details.

Career Exploration

Within the career exploration lessons in the Digital Literacy & Career Exploration course, educators will find lessons to explore industries including health science, agricultural science, business, family and consumer sciences and STEM. Through engaging videos, slideshows, activities and projects, students will investigate diverse industries and begin the process of planning their career path.

Features of the lessons include interviews with industry professionals who share valuable industry insight and tips for pursuing a career in their industry. Students will also begin developing their own resume and portfolio pieces to introduce them to the processes they’ll use to apply for jobs throughout their life. Career exploration is extremely valuable for today’s middle school students as it offers them perspective of how their education supports their future career journey. To learn more about the value of career exploration, read iCEV’s blog “3 Reasons Why Career Exploration is Important” or “10 Ways to Incorporate Career Exploration in Middle School” to learn implementation strategies.

As the workforce continues to change and innovate, iCEV is excited to offer impactful curriculum resources like Middle School Digital Literacy & Career Exploration to help equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in their chosen career. To learn more about iCEV’s Middle School Digital Literacy & Career Exploration course, visit our website to view course details and featured lessons.


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