New FCS Lessons

The American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences defines Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education as a “Field of study focused on the science and art of living and working well in our complex world,” Through engaging instruction, hands-on learning and technology, FCS helps students develop essential skills to lead better lives, be career ready, develop strong relationships and contribute to their communities.

When students participate in FCS education, they learn valuable technical and life skills as well as industry knowledge from diverse career fields. In pursuit of providing impactful educational experiences and career preparation for FCS students, iCEV is excited to announce the launch of 2 new FCS courses, Child Development and Principles of Education and Training.

Child Development

The new Child Development course is a technical course that addresses knowledge and skills related to child growth and development from prenatal development through school-age children, to gain child development skills. Students use these skills to promote the well-being and healthy development of children and investigate careers and subjects related to the care and education of children.

In the new Child Development course, students will begin by learning about pre-natal development through engaging animated videos, activities, projects assessments and more. Through hybridized lessons, students will be exposed to both the mother and child’s perspectives throughout the development process, including in-depth interviews with obstetricians, midwives and a doula. Each lesson within the course is full of high-quality graphics, images and videos to give students a better understanding of topics including labor and delivery methods, post-birth health and wellness, gestation charts and pre-conception health and wellness. Educators will also find that each lesson includes media-rich presentations, a pre-made lesson plan, assessments and engaging real-world projects and activities. 

Principles of Education & Training

The new Principles of Education & Training course is an introductory overview of the education and training industry. This course encompasses education industry insight, teaching practices and application skills to be used within the classroom for a multitude of careers in education.

Each lesson within the course comes equipped with instructional materials, including PowerPoints, handouts, activities and answer keys. Educators will also find interactive assignments including projects and assessments to check for student understanding. The last lesson within the course is a capstone lesson. This all-new lesson type is designed to be utilized at the end of CTE courses to allow students to synthesize the learning objectives of an entire course. Within the capstone lesson, you will find scaffolded support for teachers and students to conduct course-relevant project-based learning. These lessons are perfect for encouraging students to find real-world applications for their CTE knowledge.

iCEV is excited to provide updated and new learning experiences for FCS educators to use to prepare their students to succeed both in life and their careers. To learn more about these, all-new courses visit our website or contact your local curriculum consultant by tapping the button below.

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