Sponsoring Success: FCCLA Career Investigation Scholarship Recipients 2018

Organizations and contests that promote Career and Technical Education (CTE) are continuously encouraging young people across America to strive towards career development. iCEV proudly sponsored the Texas Family, Career and Community Leaders (FCCLA) Career Investigations Contest this past month. Students traveled from across the state to the Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) Event which allows students to show off their skills in career exploration. In the Career Investigations Contest, participants must choose a career to research. From there, they will take a self-assessment over employability. Students must then prepare a presentation and portfolio to highlight their chosen career and career goals as well as to outline a plan to achieve those goals and to showcase how the career relates to Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS).

Bryson Newton of DeSoto High School received first place in the Occupational Division and Abbey Nitsch of Midlothian High School placed first in the senior division. Both winners received $1,500 scholarships sponsored by iCEV for their success in this CTE focused contest.


Bryson Newton

Bryson Newton is a junior at DeSoto High School in DeSoto, Texas. He is a scholar-athlete who practices diligently for the 300 and 400 hurdles on the school track and field team, all while maintaining a high GPA. Additionally, he currently serves as vice president of public relations in his FCCLA Chapter.

“I joined FCCLA when I was a sophomore,” Newton said. “I am so thankful I did because it's an amazing program where you can meet new people and go to new places. Overall, you’ll grow as a person, and for me, the principles of family that FCCLA instills will never leave my life.”

In addition to his first place achievement in the Occupational Division, Newton has earned a silver medal in Job Interview and bronze in the Creed, Mission, and Purpose portions of the Family & Consumer Sciences Assessment. He was originally drawn to the FCCLA by his current teacher and advisor, Latriea Mosley William, who encouraged him to join the organization after seeing his public speaking potential and good character.

“I noticed Bryson’s compassion for others and knew he would be an asset to our organization,” said William.

After Newton expressed his career goals with William, she recommended he learn more about his career interests through FCCLA.

“I suggested Bryson consider participating the FCCLA Career Investigation STAR Event because he expressed an interest in the field of counseling while enrolled in my Counseling and Mental Health class,” said William.

William says she has witnessed first-hand how Newton has matured and become more comfortable in his interactions with others while tremendously improving upon his presentation and public speaking skills.

“This is his first time competing in a STAR Event and he won first place, so when Bryson won the scholarship, it was a very emotional moment,” William said. “I am happy to know that iCEV supports our CTE students as well as teachers.”

Upon graduation, Newton plans on attending college and obtaining his masters and doctoral degree. He plans to use his iCEV scholarship towards books and dorm fees.

“Thank you, iCEV, for presenting this me with this scholarship,” said Newton. “I'm grateful to have it, and I feel blessed to have received this award.

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Abbey Nitsch

FCCLA comes as a new organization for Midlothian High School senior, Abbey Nitsch, who joined this last year. Nitsch was drawn to the organization because of its scholarship opportunities and its exciting appeal.

“FCCLA has been so much fun, I am so glad I have had the opportunity to join the FCCLA program this year,” says Nitsch. “I have gained so many new friends, traits, qualities and information that will all be so useful for me in the future. I love being in FCCLA and I wish I had done it all four years of high school, but needless to say, I'm happy I at least got to be a part of it my senior year.”

Nitsch and her FCCLA advisors decided the Career Investigations Contest would be a good fit for Nitsch as her first FCCLA contest because of her interest in the fashion industry. The contest not only taught her career-building skills, but also gave her the chance to study and learn about her future career in fashion design. She plans on attending FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, in Los Angeles, California to study Fashion Design and Business.

“Abbey has become such a leader in FCCLA and organizing the fashion club, and we were so excited when she got the scholarship,” says FCCLA Advisor, Nicole Walker.  “FIDM is an expensive school, and this scholarship will help Abbey reach her goal of becoming a fashion designer.”

Additionally, Nitsch is very active in extracurricular activities in school. She is the founding president of the school's FIDM Fashion club as well as the current captain and an award-winning member of the Midlothian Color Guard Team.

“When you're captain of color guard, you have to make sure you are an extension of the directors. I have to get information out to about 30 kids every week to make sure they are prepared for football games and competitions,” Nitsch tells us. “Color guard has been something I am very passionate about and enjoy very much. It is definitely a challenge juggling school, work, FCCLA, Fashion Club and color guard all at the same time, but I am never one to back down easily.”

Nitsch credits the support of her FCCLA Advisors, Nicoe Walker and Sherry Almand, and her family for her successes and making her the person she is today.

“I cannot wait to see where life takes me,” says Nitsch. “Thank you, iCEV, so much for this scholarship. It means the world to me, and I am more than grateful.”

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Sponsoring Success

Congratulations to both FCCLA Career Investigations winners. These students have worked hard within their FCCLA chapters and in other activities at their high schools. Your achievements towards career success are admirable and iCEV is proud to be a supporter of FCCLA. We wish you both success in your futures.