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2015 Pursuit of Excellence Award

Together with the Franklin family, CEV Multimedia awarded two outstanding New Mexico students with the Jerry Franklin “Pursuit of Excellence” Scholarship. In memory of the long-time New Mexico agricultural education instructor and former CEV employee, recipients are chosen by Gordon W. Davis, founder and chairman of CEV Multimedia, and Eddie Puckett, retired agriculture instructor and…
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iCEV on the Road

Team iCEV continually travels all over the country to connect with teachers and administrators, conduct professional development sessions, attend education conferences, host workshops and give presentations. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.             Please follow and like us:

Developing Soft Skills in Your CTE Classroom

The workforce is becoming more and more competitive every day. New innovations in the workplace have caused technology skills to become a key focus in preparing students for future careers. While technical skills are very important in today’s workforce, soft skills have become more necessary than ever before. That’s why Team iCEV has compiled this…
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