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iCEV Educator Spotlight – Courtney Halfacre

Courtney Halfacre’s high school agriculture teacher inspired her to pursue teaching because of his love and passion for FFA and for teaching students. She loves teaching agriculture because every day is different. “It’s not a regular nine to five job. We walk in the classroom, we never know exactly what we’re going to walk into,”…
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iCEV Educator Spotlight – Carla Smitherman

Carla Smitherman decided to be a teacher because she loves inspiring young people to learn new things. She enjoys connecting with her students, encouraging them to explore new ideas and helping them find creative ways to learn. “It really makes me feel good that I am sharing something that someone has never learned or understood,”…
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5 Ultra-Cool Apps for Running a Paperless Classroom

Many teachers and schools are seeing the cost benefits of paperless classrooms. However, there can be even bigger benefits than just the cost savings. Many of the technologies available today not only help you save money, but can improve your classroom overall. Apps are quickly becoming the backbone of what technology can do in the…
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