Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight - Carla Smitherman

Carla Smitherman, Northeast Academy, Oklahoma City, OK

In honor of teacher appreciation week, we are highlighting some of our favorite teacher spotlight interviews and spotlighting some new ones as well.

Carla Smitherman decided to be a teacher because she loves inspiring young people to learn new things. She enjoys connecting with her students, encouraging them to explore new ideas and helping them find creative ways to learn. “It really makes me feel good that I am sharing something that someone has never learned or understood,” says Smitherman.

Carla is passionate about Career and Technical Education because it gives students options and opportunities to help lead them toward a career path. “What I love about Career Tech is we may not hit the bulls eye with them, but we can show them a target. We can get them pointed in the right direction.” Her biggest joy is seeing students connect the information they are learning with what they want to do upon graduating high school.

Watch the video below for the full interview with Carla Smitherman.


Thank you, Carla, for your service to the students at Oklahoma City Public Schools.