Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight - Leslie Clark

Leslie Clark, Carlsbad High School, Carlsbad, NM

In honor of teacher appreciation week, we are highlighting some of our favorite teacher spotlight interviews and spotlighting some new ones as well.

Leslie Clark was inspired by her own Agricultural Science teacher to become an educator. She has been teaching for 18 years and knows the one thing to remember while teaching is to have fun. "Just relax, have fun and figure out what the kids like and teach to that," says Leslie.

Leslie believes in Career and Technical Education because it gives students hands-on experience and critical thinking skills. “It's not just coming from the books. It's coming from life experiences.” Leslie says she loves the energy that students have in her class and the "ah ha" moments when they get something or see something for the first time.

Watch the video below for the full interview with Leslie Clark.


Thank you, Leslie, for your service to the students at Carlsbad High School.