Teacher to Teacher: Classroom Management

We asked teachers using iCEV curriculum in their classrooms to share their best classroom management tips. Try implementing these tips to increase classroom efficiency and engage your students through the end of the semester and throughout the rest of the school year.

Keep Students on Task
Samantha Lima, Morgan Hill, CA

“Anything electronic has to be managed by the teacher because students can easily get off task. Be aware of that, and structure your lessons so you are doing one part at a time.”

Try breaking your lessons into smaller sections and make sure your students are completing each part of the lesson sequentially before moving on.

Electronic Lesson Planning

Limit Idle Time
Craig Jentsch, Milano, TX

Jentsch gives his students activities to get them started and help them focus as a helpful classroom management technique.

“Give them activities such as bell work and don’t give them a lot of idle time.” Jentsch also advises following school protocol, communicating with parents and not embarrassing students in front of the class.

Set High Standards
Debbie Benson, King City, CA

“If they're using their phone in class, I take the phone away and turn it into the office. This sets the standard for my students in the classroom, and the next time they have the urge to take their phone out during class they will remember not too.”

Being firm and consistent in upholding rules helps her manage her classroom.

Locking up Phone

Consistency is Key
Mindy Miller, Milano, TX

“If I set a standard for my students, I stick to it. My students know and respect that. They know if they do not follow classroom procedures, consequences will follow.”

When students know what is expected of them, and what to expect from you, they are more likely to stay on task.

Eliminate Distractions
Debbie Benson, King City, CA

Once again, Benson shares a tip for keeping the classroom orderly during the school day. Benson states that having a seating chart to keep her chatty kids away from one another helps her effectively manage the classroom.

“Eliminating distractions such as pencil sharpeners, windows overlooking busy playgrounds or roads, and nearby hallways and water fountains will aid in keeping students on task.”

Seating Chart

What are some of your best classroom management tips? Share below.