CTE Teachers, We are Here for You

Spring 2020 will be a semester teachers will never forget. At the beginning of the semester, teachers felt normalcy as students returned to their classrooms ready to learn. Normalcy was suddenly interrupted halfway through the semester, as many schools shifted from in-class to online instruction.


During the pandemic, CTE teachers displayed passion, innovation and integrity. However, as a content area based on experiential learning, adapting to online instruction offered unique challenges for CTE educators.


We were honored to play a role in the sudden transition to online learning for CTE educators. We helped thousands of teachers move their courses online, signed up over 4,000 new student users and supported teachers by responding to countless emails and phone calls. During the shutdown, CTE teachers trusted us to play a small role in their heroic accomplishments by using our curriculum.  


In addition to providing support and curriculum for educators, during the pandemic iCEV:

    • Improved integration with iCEV and Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas and other LMS
    • Created a distance learning blog and video series 
    • Developed an online learning guide and resources 


In the upcoming weeks, school districts have to make difficult decisions to provide safe yet quality education for students. At this time, administrators, educators and students are facing uncertain times of what is to come during the 2020-21 school year. 


We think it is crucial to be here for CTE educators, whether their courses are in person, online or following a blended/hybrid learning model. 


We recognize schools around the country will likely be taking different approaches to delivering instruction this next semester. Therefore, we are committed to providing educators and parents accessible tools to keep their learners on track. In the coming months, iCEV will continue making improvements to correlate our platform with learning management systems, including Canvas, Blackboard and Google Classroom. These new features will allow teachers to directly share iCEV lessons, assignments and resources to the learning management system. Additionally, grades will be able to pass from iCEV directly to the learning system grade book. 


To help educators plan for next semester, we will continue to offer product demonstrations and support. Additionally, we are dedicating our summer to easing student and teachers transition into the upcoming school year. 


To highlight iCEV’s features, provide support and share resources, we will be hosting our first-ever virtual conference, CTE Inspired. The conference is packed with professional development opportunities, including sessions focusing on distance learning. Featuring 44 sessions led by over 90 presenters around the country, CTE Inspired will share strategies for incorporating iCEV in CTE classes. 


We realize the future is still very uncertain. We will continue to provide the resources you need to keep teaching and learning. Please know we are here for you!


We will continue to offer technical and pedagogical support to help teachers in the classroom and online. Our award-winning customer assistance team will continue to provide support by email, on the phone or live chat on our website. Teachers can also an schedule one-on-one online iCEV training.