Thank You Teachers

Like all other facets of daily life, education has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Months ago, teachers and students left their classrooms unaware it would be the last time they would all be together. Without much warning, teachers were asked to transition their entire course designs to online learning plans in a matter of days. Administrators quickly coordinated logistics for Wi-Fi and computer access with parents and community leaders. Now, as the school year ends, many school districts are left wondering if they will be able to reopen in the fall.

It has never been easy to be an educator, even before the challenges of social distancing and remote learning were in place. Long, tedious hours are needed to develop lesson plans and preparing course content, not to mention the actual time spent in the classroom facilitating the learning environment, and equally long hours are required to grade assignments and review student work. Along with the time and effort put in, there is the emotional toll that affects teachers.

Long before Coronavirus impacted our daily lives, teachers were concerned about the health and safety of their students. Teachers worry if their students have enough to eat, or if the only meals students get are at school. They wonder about their student’s home lives, the financial stability of their families and the safety of the areas they live.

Now, along with all the other worries and stress teachers already felt, they have had to learn a whole new way of teaching. Instead of walking through rows of desks, now teachers see their students through online communication platforms. Instead of leading in-class activities or taking their students on field trips, teachers are using online learning management systems to reinforce lesson topics. Instead of hosting end-of-year banquets, award ceremonies and graduations, teachers are organizing online viewing sessions to celebrate students’ accomplishments.

Through all the challenges teachers have faced in past months, they have overcome the obstacles. Despite the time and logistic constraints, teachers are using creativity and innovation to provide their students with valuable learning experiences. Rather than succumbing to negativity and idleness, teachers are finding ways to inspire and motive their students and fellow educators. Just as they always have, teachers have gone above and beyond to provide for their students during these unprecedented times.

Each month at iCEV, we recognize an educator with outstanding educational strategies and methods as the iCEV Teacher of the Month. With all that has happened in the past months, and in conjunction with Teacher Appreciation Week, we couldn’t simply pick one teacher to be recognized. Instead, we want to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all teachers. Our team has been so inspired by the stories we have heard about teachers using creativity, innovation and passion to continue to provide a complete learning experience to their students. Despite the challenges we have all faced, the events throughout this pandemic have shown how important and necessary teachers are to our society.

From all of us here at iCEV, we want to say thank you, teachers! The passion and perseverance you have shown in the past months have inspired not only our team but the nation. Thank you for all you do for your students and our society; it is truly an honor to serve you.