Virtual Meeting Ideas for Youth Organizations

To grow professionally and socially, students tend to participate in extracurricular activities and clubs. Advisors of CTE based organizations typically host meetings monthly for students to gather to learn about the club, hear updates and simply have fun together. While clubs might not be able to meet in-person right now, this doesn’t mean advisors are unable to host meetings and have everyone together. In a world full of technology, there are endless options to help students grow professionally and socialize within a virtual youth organization.

We want to help you take your organization connect building creative, remote events to help rebuild member connections and communication during this time. Students who are missing on-campus life might be bored and restless, so get creative and keep your meetings fun, stimulating and engaging!  


Please note, many of these ideas are optimized for organizations to “meet” on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or another telecommunication channel.


Leadership Activities

Community Service Projects- Community service projects that can be done socially distanced include serving as a tutor, picking up trash, playing games with the elderly or creating care packages for others. Members can upload pictures and share their experiences during the meeting.


Guest Speaker- Invite an industry expert or someone from your community to join your meeting. The guest speaker can highlight job readiness skills, professionalism or different careers within CTE.


Virtual Industry Tour- Take your members on a virtual tour around the country. There are countless virtual tours online, or you can create a tour by partnering with a local business.


Host a Workshop- Just as you would in an in-person meeting, host a workshop for your members to attend. Attending workshops can help students to prepare for the workforce by learning new skills. Depending on your organization, you could invite area, state or national officers to facilitate the workshop.


Just for Fun Activities & Games

Shark Teams- Following the premise of the show Shark Tank, have students create a cultivating pitch, innovative new business or service. During the allotted time, each student (or group) will pitch their idea to the "investors." Invite industry professionals or volunteers to serve as investors for the day. This is a great time for the entrepreneurs of your group to shine!


Trivia- Challenge your group members with fun rounds of trivia. Pick your topic: current events, history, music, film or any topic related to your organization’s goals and interests. Have your group members play individually or form a trivia team.


Jackbox- Choose from over 30 games to play with your youth organization. You could even have multiple games going at once using breakout rooms. Each player needs a phone or another web-based device to use as their controller. Using the share screen function, you can broadcast the questions and leader-board for the group to see.


Bingo- Students can draw a 4x5 grid on a piece of paper for a bingo sheet. Have members write down words to fit the chosen category. As a teacher, you can also use online bingo games or mail a bingo card to your members.


Talent Show- Have members show off their talents. Whether they can dance, sing, juggle or play an instrument, host a virtual talent show by having students log in to a video chat and show off their talents. You can even have a voting booth at the end of the show!


Pictionary- Using the whiteboard function on a video chat or a pen and paper, play a few Pictionary rounds. Split the organization into groups and use the breakout room functions to let students collaborate and come up with a group guess. You can make a list of words based on your organization or use a random word generator.


Scattergories- Following the traditional rules, create four rounds of Scattergories based on your youth organizations interest. For example, if you are an FCCLA advisor,  topics could include Fashion Design, Food Science, Professional Presentation or Interior Design. Randomly select letters for each round or use this random generator.


Movie Night- Agree to watch the same movie, then have members share their thoughts on the movie. Share reviews and suggestions with other members of the organization. Or have everyone grab their favorite snacks and broadcast the movie through Zoom or Google Meets.


Whether you advise an FFA, FCCLA, HOSA, DECA or another group, you can use these ideas to plan your next virtual meeting. Tailor the topics and categories to fit your organization's goals and interests. If you try any of these activities, share a picture on social media and tag us (@icevonline).