Thankful for CTE

iCEV team members were asked to reflect on their experiences in Career & Technical Education and explain why they are thankful for CTE. Read below to see their responses.


"I am thankful for CTE because of the opportunities it brings students. Whether is it connecting with CTE teachers, hands-on learning opportunities or CTSOs, there are always opportunities lighting the path to success for students."
-Dusty Moore, iCEV President


"CTE, regardless of program of study, teaches individuals the value of work ethic and responsibility required for any chosen career."
-Clayton Franklin, Vice President of Brand Management


"CTE prepares students for the "real world" in more ways than one. For some, college isn't the best option or isn't an option at all. CTE gives these kids a chance to create a future for themselves. It also helps provide essential skills for future employees, allowing employers to spend less time teaching fundamentals."
-Morgan Dixon, Education Specialist


"CTE provides students with life skills regardless of their career path."
-Lisa Barnett, Curriculum Consultant


"CTE introduces students to career interests they may not learn about through core programs. My son became involved in culinary arts because of his CTE classes and loves it!"
-Hilary Jasper, Marketing Manager


"Hands-on learning is the best way to learn! I love CTE's immediate, real-world application."
-Kelli Neuman, Director of Business & Industry Partnerships


"CTE gave me a skill that enabled me to work part-time while attending college debt-free."
-Amanda Sharp, Curriculum Consultant


"My experiences in CTE showed me a whole new world of possibilities. CTE helped me find my passion and helped me develop that passion into a career."
-Kimberly Cantrell, Content Development Specialist


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We would like to thank our students, teachers and industry partners for allowing us to do what we love: create innovative solutions designed to SERVE, EDUCATE and INSPIRE. From all iCEV team members, Happy Thanksgiving!